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Building Fediverse channels

Building Fediverse channels

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"Channels enable any user to create a curated feed with a mix of post type, hashtags, lists, filters and mutes. Customised timelines which anyone can post to via their app or web UI, or by using a dedicated hashtag or emoji."

This exists already outside the Fediverse: "The Farcaster app, Warpcast, has a fully formed and fast growing set of channels... Bluesky's ... Custom Feeds... have more heavy duty options than Farcaster to make channels with a wide variety of algorithms."

See also: Sublime's collections, MyHub's overviews.

Patchwork is now bringing channels to the Fediverse via a patch to the webUI "which any Mastodon server can upload, enabling users to easily browse, discover and post to channels - and create their own...; a dedicated channel hub where users can create and broadcast channels... modelled on our existing Newsmast functionality"; and channels themselves, each "a timeline on a micro-server, sitting in the Fediverse, and an account on the channel hub, which anyone in the Fediverse can follow and add to a list", coupled to a variety of hooks to ensure channels work with a variety of Fediverse apps.

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