The Art of the AI Prompt - Techonomy
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Wired's rules for using generative AI: "Not for images, yes for research, no for copyediting, maybe for idea generation". Meanwhile interactive book PromptCraft shows how to "get the most out of the creative man/machine communications... AI is like querying our collective intelligence".So how best to design an AI prompt?…

The Collective Intelligence Project
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Defining collective intelligence as "Effective, decentralized, and agentic decision-making across individuals and communities to produce best-case decisions for the collective.", this is "an incubator for new governance models for transformative technology" which wants to "overcome the transformative technology trilemma&qu;… pilot project: Tools for Thought Map
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A pilot project to help bootstrap decentralised collective intelligence

Mapping Tools4Thought using collective intelligence tools
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The last of my 1/1/2023 bundle of 5 posts introduces a first pilot project into exploring and demonstrating decentralised solutions to collective intelligence.The knowledge domain is Tools for Thought (TfTs), so the end result will be a map of the TfT landscape, which "is forbidding to newcomers, with software still aimed at early adopters, a…

Social knowledge graphs for collective intelligence
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The second in my 1/1/2023 bundle of 5 posts exploring collective intelligence looks at the role of decentralised social networks: "A personalised, decentralised Social Knowledge Graph for each user multiplies the knowledge available to them via a trusted network of Followers and Friends, and creating collaborative possibilities more akin to w…

Thinking and writing in a decentralised collective intelligence ecosystem
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The longest of my 1/1/2023 bundle of 5 posts asks "What would a Tool4Thought designed to support decentralised collective intelligence look like?"While it explores some of the key features I'd like to offer, it also recognises that creating decentralised collective intelligence will require multiple, interoperable software,…

A Minimum Viable Ecosystem for collective intelligence
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The "executive summary" of my 5-part bundle of 1/1/2023, which "provide a snapshot of my current thinking into how a decentralised collective intelligence ecosystem could be bootstrapped into existence."

Manton Reece - Mastodon

" can now cross-post to a Mastodon user account... Your custom domain on can now be ActivityPub-compatible, so that you can follow and reply to Mastodon users directly on ... someone can follow your blog posts".As a result "you can consolidate your identity and posts back to your own blog at your ow…

Newsletter: A Minimum Viable Ecosystem for collective intelligence

As mentioned in my previous newsletter, I've been thinking a lot over the past year about bootstrapping decentralised collective intelligence. The resulting framework is set out in three blog posts, summarised in a fourth, with a fifth announcing the first pilot project.

Collective intelligence, Fediverse and ChatGPT (newsletter)
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Four posts encompassing the end of my part of the PKG Book, the upcoming launch of a collective intelligence pilot, getting to grips with the Fediverse and having a chat with ChatGPT.

Building collective intelligence from social knowledge graphs
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Writing a chapter for a book on Personal Knowledge Graphs made me rethink, and led to a new collective intelligence pilot project with the founders of

Plex: 19 October 2022
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An interview by cog-founder [[Peter Kaminski]] with [[Jerry Michalski]] about [[Rel8]] and "the Big Fungus":"Rel8 tries to answer the question, “What kind of organization(s) would it take to stand up a shared memory for?”". Whereas Wikipedia is a single site running one software on one (set of) servers with a speci…

Conversations and Knowledge, Fast and Slow - Developer Wiki (Massive Wiki)

we could, and should, be better at collective memory, collective thinking, and collective intelligence... level up from an oral culture that thinks big thoughts but doesn't do much else together

Protocol | koodos labs

A new app and protocol to give "people full control over their interest graphs ... there was no standard, decentralized repository for online media and its derivatives... culture that is readily available for anyone to annotate, remix, compile, create new editions of or link together in archives. Mediagraph [protocol] will let developers buil…

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Met Marc-Antoine parent via FotL, who's focused on "design of new tools and approaches to aid collective decision making", particularly under the following conditions:deadline: a course of action must be developed and implemented in a certain amount of timecomplexity: issues are too complex to be well understood by a small group of …

Collective Intelligence Design Challenges (CDL)
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Via FotL I discover "Canonical Debate Lab (CDL)... researchers, developers, and system thinkers who have independently been working on collective intelligence systems for several years... goal is to aggregate contributions of diverse stakeholders into a unified information space, which can be accessed through multiple views... tailored to a s…

From Personal to Social Knowledge Graphs: a vision statement
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I've been invited to write a chapter for an upcoming book on Personal Knowledge Graphs (PKG). My chapter will encompass each user’s PKG, the Social Knowledge Graph created by networking them together via the Fediverse, Solid hosting, AI writing tools and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations.This post provides a first draft of its Introducti…

This visualization shows the details of Sweden's climate plan
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Sweden plans to cut its emissions to net zero. A new digital visualization shows exactly what it’s doing to reach that goal—and is designed to help policymakers move faster to fill in gaps in the current plan and make sure it actually succeeds. It’s also fully open to the public, so anyone can hold the government accountable... A typical governmen…

The Pros and Cons of Collaboration
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managers always have to balance the merits of teamwork... with the dangers of “groupthink”... Large groups are remarkably good, on average, at estimating such things as the number of beans in a jar or the weight of a prize calf. But that accuracy relies on the guesses being independent.... Modern communication methods mean that collaboration is mo…

Some groups are smarter than others, and psychologists want to understand why – You Are Not So Smart
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to create a team that is collectively intelligent, you likely need to focus on three specific factors that he and his colleagues have identified in their research...

The Paradoxes of Work Intelligence
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This is NOT just about gender equality! Sure, it starts as such: "The more we look into the cognitive basis of team and business performance, the more we learn about the strengths of women relative to men..." But look: "... Teams with higher average I.Q.s didn’t score much higher on our collective intelligence tasks than did teams w…

edgelogic | collective intelligence applied

"From Bitcoin Blockchain technologies to advances in mesh networks connecting devices together to create new people powered communication systems... to new understandings of 'emergent semantics' processes at work in folksonomies and massive user generated data sets powering new forms of search and discovery systems... 'Edge Pri…

The semantic web and Europe

I stumbled upon a short video on the BBC of Tim Berners-Lee trying to explain the importance of the data web, aka semantic web, again. He himself says that he can't say where it will lead us, as it is paradigm changing. True - but I can think of a few applications that anyone interested in the EU should know about. I can't embed the vide…

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