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Plex: 19 October 2022

Plex: 19 October 2022

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An interview by cog-founder [[Peter Kaminski]] with [[Jerry Michalski]] about [[Rel8]] and "the Big Fungus":

"Rel8 tries to answer the question, “What kind of organization(s) would it take to stand up a shared memory for?”". Whereas Wikipedia is a single site running one software on one (set of) servers with a specific funding model, “The Big Fungus... shared memory has to make room for people who have very different preferences or visualization schemes or note-taking schemes".

So rather than "one big organization writing one body of code... [it's] more like herding cats ... motivating and inspiring... pointing to the things that work... modeling good behavior and helping seed".

One way of moving forward is to adopt "the tile process. ... large projects being decomposed into small projects, a discussion in the community about what those projects should be, a funding mechanism to create bounties that fund those projects. And then the use and refinement of those objects in this funny, squishy fungus platform... It could be a DAO... [but] I’ve seldom seen dot voting or money voting lead to a good set of architectures and paths in some direction that people want to go".

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