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we could, and should, be better at collective memory, collective thinking, and collective intelligence... level up from an oral culture that thinks big thoughts but doesn't do much else together

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Reaching consensus with groups larger than 5 people on any other platform or service is a pain. Discuto helps you get everyone on the same page.Discuto highlights controversies and suggests where to dive in the conversation, making the decision process easier to manage. What's more is that it only takes a few seconds to set up your first discussio…

Here's how Twitter's new algorithmic timeline is going to work
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"It tears conversations apart, and it's really confusing when some people have been live-tweeting an event and those things get scattered all across my timeline."

Why conversational design is the future
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Bots are to modern messaging apps what APIs were to Web 2.0; a way to build on top of other services, experiment, and create a new way of interacting with existing services... what inspiration can we draw from the past that might help us to think about designing Conversational UIs?

Participation mechanisms beyond European Citizens' initiative
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"The report uncovered an uncomfortable truth: that there are few civic society organisations that are capable of participating in shaping the national positions at a stage when the European Commission has already come up with a draft.... it is usually a challenge to find a list of EU issues where the national government is elaborating its nati…

Remember to actually listen

I used to be better at listening. I used to really try, humbly believing (rightly) that the other person's perspective and experience were at least as interesting and useful for me to understand as mine were to project. Something happened a few years ago, I seemed to drop out of that habit. Perhaps because I found myself among people who talk…

From task management to template process building: an idea for #bigdata application | Benchmarking e-government in web 2.0
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"I think companies such as Asana (which I love) will be the future of business consultancy. They will substitute the big consultancies leveraging big data, just like Coursera will displace traditional course providers by leveraging information on how people use training and using this information to design more effective training. Business consult…

2013: The Year 'the Stream' Crested - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic
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"The idea of the stream has become so dominant that it is easy to think it is the natural state of things in a networked media environment. "Of course we have the stream: this is the Internet after all." That's why it's so important to look back at 2009 (just 2009!) and remember that the stream is a creation of particular companies and thinkers. Y…

Can EU social media scale to the EU?

A while ago I posted the idea that EUROPA could suffer if the EU Institution's limited online communications resources were refocused on social media. While social media offers the EU a great deal, this could be a serious problem, particularly given EUROPA's importance to any EU social media strategy. Commenters seemed to both agree and disagree...

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