pilot project: Tools for Thought Map pilot project: Tools for Thought Map

When I stumbled across I saw an early component of a decentralised collective intelligence ecosystem, so I teamed up with its founders (Peter Kaminski, Bill Anderson) to run a pilot project. As explained originally in Building collective intelligence from social knowledge graphs, this is hopefully the first in "a series of pilot projects where:

  • the tools we have today are used to link ideas in a specific domain (and the people behind them) together in a decentralised way
  • in the process demonstrating decentralised collective intelligence
  • we learn from the experience to create a new iteration of slightly better tools as a result, along with a slightly bigger audience,
  • rinse, repeat."

The domain and goal of the pilot project, moreover, is to use to create a map of thinking tools. This, too, will move us towards a collective intelligence ecosystem, as thinking tools create networkable units of knowledge, the raw material of collective intelligence.

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