BloggingPortal, meet Apache Stanbol

Well, plus ca change - absolutely none of the things some BloggingPortal editors said we'd do after our meeting in January have been done, apart from our own posts and what Stefan did, which is ironic given that he told us he had no time to do anything.

Of technocrats, journalistic balance and telling EU stories

A recent edition of The Infinite Monkey Cage, BBC Radio4's brilliant chat show combining science and comedy, got me thinking again about the parallels between science communications and EU communications.

The semantic web and Europe

I stumbled upon a short video on the BBC of Tim Berners-Lee trying to explain the importance of the data web, aka semantic web, again. He himself says that he can't say where it will lead us, as it is paradigm changing. True - but I can think of a few applications that anyone interested in the EU should know about. I can't embed the vide…

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