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The Art of the AI Prompt - Techonomy

The Art of the AI Prompt - Techonomy

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Wired's rules for using generative AI: "Not for images, yes for research, no for copyediting, maybe for idea generation". Meanwhile interactive book PromptCraft shows how to "get the most out of the creative man/machine communications... AI is like querying our collective intelligence".

So how best to design an AI prompt? Start "by breaking down the big vision of what you’d like to see created, encapsulating it into as few words as possible.” Include "the type of content, the description of that content, the composition, the style, and the parameters.

  • Content Type ... a poster, sticker... a letter or a research paper.
  • Description: ... defines your scene (a frog on a lily pond).
  • Composition: ... your instruction in a movie (frog gulping down a fly...
  • Style: ... pointillism or ... comedy writing
  • Parameters: landscape or portrait... word count...

[also] context ... Details about the setting, characters, and mood ... “Negative weights” — things that should not be in your creation... use commas... as separators to help the generator parse a scene.”

Above all: get "to the essence of what you want to create"

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