Chatting with glue - a comic on possible future of chat interfaces
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Great example of the use of comics to explain some of the more arcane aspects of information and interaction design,

Chatbot Conversation: Digital Democracy by Design – Chatbots Magazine
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Chatbots are the digital democratizer of our day... natural, conversational interaction ... enabling participation ... for everyone... At the heart of creating chatbot ease of use is language design...

Die Dashboards Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software
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enterprise software helps the user answer one or more of the following questions:What’s important? (Surface relevant information)What do I do next? (Support decision making)How do I do it? (Facilitate action)... the conversational interface answers all three of the above questions better than the software tools we have today... Dashboards today …

ScribbleLive vs Twitter - Discuss
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"ScribbleLive is an important tool for covering events and breaking news as well as for live chats. Journalists should get adept at using Scribble (or other liveblogging tools such as CoverItLive, Liveblogpro or Superdesk). But be sure to use it in tandem with Twitter. You don’t have to choose between them." - Using ScribbleLive, you can livetwee…

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