An interview with Vice's social media team
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someone that saw a Facebook native video had a higher likelihood of clicking on a link post in the near future ... we look at top performing articles and then see if we can turn them into short form videos for Facebook... we strive to be original storytellers... We understand what the mission is. It’s not just to get views... it’s always to be tel…

Snap Inc. — The New Snapchat and What That Means for UX
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the next greatest advancement in casual technology and User Experience... a set of glasses known as Spectacles pair up with Snapchat via Wi-fi or Bluetooth ... and enable their users to record 10 seconds of video... in a circle with 115 degrees of view... mimic human vision, so users can record what they see and play it back as if it came from the…

Four Quick Thoughts on Snap’s Spectacles – Beyond Devices – Medium
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a great summary of the difference between Snap’s Spectacles and Glass too — the former is a pair of sunglasses that records video, while the latter was technology strapped to your face.

Facebook “Messenger Day” is the chat app’s new Snapchat Stories clone
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lets people share illustrated filter-enhanced photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours, just like on Snapchat.

How 3 publishers are using Instagram stories for visually compelling storytelling » Nieman Journalism Lab

media outlets are using different strategies when it comes to Instagram Stories versus Snapchat... I talked with The New York Times, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated ... to understand how they are trying to make use of Instagram Stories for a new kind of visual narrative.

Snapchat reportedly has more daily users than Twitter. What does that mean for news?

As young people flock to Snapchat, news outlets are trying to showcase news on the platform both as live stories and in Discover, where nearly 20 outlets... publish unique content exclusive to Snapchat.... set to launch a redesign of its Discover section to try and boost the number of users who use Discover... While Snapchat’s core function is a m…

Cosmo, The Washington Post and The Guardian on the platforms that matter to them
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At The Guardian’s Media Summit in London, those publishers and others discussed what’s working for them with their platform strategies, and how sustainable off-site publishing is likely to be for media companies in the long term... Cosmo’s Snapchat Discover editions get 76 percent completion rates... 56 percent ... coming back to us five days …

Snapchat Debuts Political Campaign Show
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Snapchat on Thursday launched a new political campaign show on its “Discover” page... ‘Good Luck America’ is geared toward young viewers

Want to Win on Snapchat? Try These Three Things — Marketing And Growth Hacking — Medium

Here are three ways to step your game up right now.

The Snap Generation: A Guide to Snapchat’s History
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the way Snapchat works is much closer to how we communicate face to face than any other social network... So now that you know everything there is to know about the history of the platform, let’s get down to the most important part: how the fuck do you use this thing? ... Below are some handy guides I have put together...

Snapchat like the teens
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I don't really see what they send. I tap through so fast. It's rapid fire.Response as message. Virtual eye contact. Like liking or faving. This reminds me of Matt Webb's Glancing project. I'm ok, you're ok. Virtual primate social grooming.

Teenagers Are Much Better At Snapchat Than You
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I would watch in awe as she flipped through her snaps, opening and responding to each one in less than a second with a quick selfie face. She answered all 40 of her friends’ snaps in under a minute.

Distributed news: Inside Fusion's social storytelling team | Media news
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The 12-person unit, called the social stories team, includes a variety of roles: writers, animators, graphics professionals, and producers, who create and package content for Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and Snapchat Discover.

Your Complete Snapchat Playbook
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This playbook includes tons of ways to jump start your snaps ...If you’re looking for a massive list of ideas to cycle in and out of your Snapchat feed, this is the place

Snapchat Discover One Year Later: How 23 Media Companies Are Building Stories For Evan Spiegel
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It's been a year since Snapchat launched its network of media partners ... publishers have built mobile audiences, and some have found a new revenue source...Snapchat requires a huge committment. Content cannot be easily repurposed from other formats... .BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti has said views from Snapchat make up 21 percent of his company’s to…

Melissa Bell of Vox Media on Snapchat, collaboration and more

benefit of building a brand that audiences recognize ... allow us to build a strong revenue model and a strong connection to an audience. If they see us on Snapchat and Snapchat has a very large audience, then they get to know and trust Vox and see it as a source that they care about... think about your brand as an interconnected ethos that should…

The Wall Street Journal is the first American newspaper to get a spot on Snapchat Discover » Nieman Journalism Lab

first U.S. newspaper and first business publication available on the platform ... (U.K.’s Daily Mail is also there).... team consists of five people who will publish eight items each weekday ... “a mix of core coverage, such as Markets, Business, and World news, and the luxury and lifestyle features that we believe provide the perfect snackable c…

Where is social media taking you in 2016? (updated)
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Social media platforms are built with all the insidious effectiveness of gambling machines, but it is possible to come out in front.

Am I too old or too sick for Snapchat? — Medium
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There is no public measure of your ego on Snapchat. No “54 likes” 13469 followers or “423 comments”. When your reader sees your post it doesn’t tell him or her the size of your ego.It’s a huge difference with LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Those three keep reminding you how important the person you’re reading is ... the Snapchat user doesn’t care …

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