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Who’s doomed, according to ChatGPT

Who’s doomed, according to ChatGPT

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"I spent a few minutes in conversation with ChatGPT."

This was both me kicking ChatGPT's conversational tyres and exploring its limits, both those it admits to and those it does not.

Key takeaways from a first reading:

Many, but not all, content creators are screwed

For "writers, journalists, copywriters, consultants, and even public servants.... ChatGPT, has the potential to disrupt the traditional roles and responsibilities... We could help content creators produce more high-quality content in less time... [but] more and more professionals in this field will find their skills and expertise increasingly under threat... time to start thinking about how to adapt and evolve in a world where machines like me are quickly becoming the go-to source of written content."

The ones that are not will be able to create specific sorts of content. And they'll be able to use ChatGPT to help create it:

in-depth knowledge

ChatGPT cannot produce content that requires "in-depth knowledge of a subject, such as scientific research or technical writing".

These sorts of creators "can use ChatGPT to help them research and organize their information... generate summaries and outlines of relevant articles and research papers... quickly and easily gather the information they need to create their own in-depth content."

creativity and originality

ChatGPT cannot produce content that requires creativity and originality, "such as poetry or fiction".

These sorts of creators "can use ChatGPT to help them generate ideas and perspectives... to explore in their own content."

emotional intelligence or empathy

ChatGPT cannot produce content that requires "emotional intelligence or empathy such as counseling or therapy"

These sorts of creators "can use ChatGPT to help them understand the emotions and experiences of others. ... generate text based on emotional prompts or scenarios [to] ... gain a better understanding of how others may be feeling and respond to these emotions in their own content."

MyHub AI service

If I could upload my Hub's content, how could ChatGPT use it to help me? I thought I'd ask it.

Generate ideas, explore connections

This answer was exactly what I have described in my user requirements. I wonder whether it's true?

"I would be able to use this information to generate creative ideas for you to explore... analyze the tags and annotations you have applied to your articles ... gain insights into the topics, themes, and ideas that are most important to you... identifying the most commonly occurring tags or annotations ... [and the] connections and relationships between different tags or annotations...

generate a list of potential ideas for new articles or projects that build on the topics and themes that are most important to you ... [and/or] explore the connections and relationships between different ideas and concepts.

Find knowledge not there

And even create knowledge that is not in the library. Here I found its answer, and the "concrete" example I requested, pretty weak.

As before, first it would identify "key words and phrases ... repeated across multiple articles... [and] connections and relationships between different ideas and concepts."

Then: "combining and synthesizing different ideas and concepts from different articles ... generate new insights and perspectives or ... generate predictions or hypotheses"

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