Covering Climate Change and Countering Skepticism in Australia - Nieman Reports
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when climate skeptics in government and media control the message and the channels, it becomes fact for people like councilor Allen that Australia’s fires... have “nothing” to do with climate change... Climate skepticism runs deep in Australia, origin of ... Murdoch’s media empire... long history of climate science denial and diversion... in the w…

Lessons for Social Change Communications Strategy From the US Marriage Equality and Antismoking Campaigns
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Organizations must connect their causes to the personal aspirations of their audiences to transform public attitudes... having a majority is not enough... You need a majority that can’t be eroded or peeled away... in 1996... 27 percent of the US public supported legal recognition of same-sex marriages... 60 percent in 2015 ... the new normal... ac…

The Drama of Rules: What Storytelling Can Teach Us About Human Nature
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Stories are a cultural universal — there isn’t a single country... that isn’t steeped in stories and storytelling. If something is universal, there’s a good chance it’s the product of evolution, not culture... stories, despite all their variety, contain some common essence ... Think of the structure as a bony skeleton that we rarely notice…stories…

The power of fiction to change people’s minds – YANSS 113
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One of the most effective ways to change people’s minds is to put your argument into ... a story — but not just any story. The most persuasive narratives are those that transport us. Once departed from normal reality into the imagined world of a story, we become highly susceptible to belief and attitude change.... learn from psychologist Melanie C…

The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto | HuffPost
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it is important for change agents to identify and solve real problems by developing the important skills for collaboration, storytelling and influence... Although digital transformation is one of the biggest trends in business today ... many still do so as a grassroots effort driven by resourceful individuals — digital change agents ... Digital c…

The best shot at overcoming vaccination standoffs? Having doctors listen
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Clinicians should aim to understand parents’ values and engage in genuine, respectful conversations; these processes can help vaccine-hesitant parents feel heard and understood... Recognizing cognitive biases ... can also help ... omission bias may lead parents to blame themselves more if a child develops a vaccine-related side effect ... than ...…

A Positive Story Must Be At The Heart Of A New Pro-EU Party

‘Vote Leave Take Control’ and ‘Make America Great Again’... future-focused, inspirational and told a sufficiently broad story for enough people to see a reflected image of themselves and their country that they could feel good about... get out of rebuttal mode, ditch the anaemic, snore-inducing, negative messages ... and go all in with a muscular…

Storylining: the best-kept secret of successful strategic communication
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Welcome to GAME — a four step process to improve the quality of your communications — and storylining, the step that comes before storytelling... moving straight to storytelling without first crafting strong, logical, persuasive key messages ... results in a ‘failure to communicate’ … when we don’t take the time to think from our audiences’ perspe…

5 Quick Storytelling Tips from Top Storytellers Like the National Geographic
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Every great company story must be anchored in a human story and told through a personal human lens.

The key to writing a Pulitzer Prize-winning story? Get emotional
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What distinguishes Pulitzer Prize-winning stories is not only painstaking journalistic work ... but also the use of emotional storytelling... because objectivity tends to be seen as emotionless, emotional storytelling tends to be viewed as anathema to good journalism. The winning stories... show that it’s possible to retain objectivity and also st…

Why Leadership = Storytelling
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Leadership is the art of inspiring others to make a story come true. Therefore, if you’re leading people, you’re telling them a story ... great storytellers ... are going to recruit better... darlings in the press... raise money more easily ... close amazing business developer partnerships... have a strong and cohesive corporate culture ... core…

The Vast Funding Machinery of the European Union - SPIEGEL ONLINE
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EU money flows from Brussels into thousands of projects and ideas. Why does nobody notice?... some of the worst storytellers happen to be located in Brussels ... majorities in society and the media believe that the European Union belongs in the dustbin of history... eternal Brussels congresses where elitist Eurocrats engage in nothing but myopic …

Introducing Journalism 360 : An Immersive News Initiative
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we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of journalists experimenting with immersive storytelling to tell important stories in new ways... Journalism 360, an initiative to build a network of journalists willing to tackle those challenges and share what they’re learning. With this effort, we’re looking to support experiments, provide training wor…

The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World's Most Secretive Startup
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But what we are building with artificial reality is an internet of experiences... although every one of these environments was fake, the experiences I had in them were genuine... you gain authentic experiences, as authentic as in real life. People remember VR experiences not as a memory of something they saw but as something that happened to them.…

Re-thinking reading on the Web
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Over the last six months we’ve been collaborating with The Atlantic to bring three interactive articles to life... We set out to create an immersive, yet thoughtful reading experience and I’d like to share some of our insights that helped get us there... live site here: we decided to build an …

A new storytelling platform hopes to move crisis reporting beyond isolated events in the news cycle

Coda’s mission is to “stay on the story” after mainstream media leaves a crisis region... We pick crises that are consequential and complex, and that can’t be understood through sporadic flashes of attention... the site won’t be trying to keep up with breaking things unfurl at the pace of evolving trends rather than daily development…

The 2015 ProPublica Year in Visual Storytelling
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2015 MARKED PROPUBLICA’S most ambitious year to date in visual and interactive are some highlights from the year that was.

Atavist: Publishing & Storytelling Platform
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We are a growing community of tens of thousands of creators with tens of millions of readers. Among us are world-class publications like The Daily Dot and The California Sunday Magazine, professionals, educators, and people with stories or ideas worth shaping. We believe digital storytelling is a craft. The ability to design and share your idea yo…

Engagement is Relational, not Transactional
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focusing less on how audiences interact with content on the screen but more about how, because of stories, we engage with each other as a community. Less transaction, more relation; less on audience, more on community... in 2003 I launched the initial version of Interactive Narratives ... Finding inspiring multimedia work was one benefit. But f…

Crowd-sourced storytelling
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Storytelling at its finest... should evoke a visceral reaction in its audience. There's something to be said about inviting that audience to participate in a story ...the options for how to do so are infinite... Here, we explore some great examples of interactive and crowd-sourced storytelling at its finest. - Crowd-sourced storytelling: How…

Storytelling Tools Newsrooms Actually Use
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- How They Did It: Part II — Medium

Oliver Sacks on Memory, Plagiarism & Creativity
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Remind me to buy this guy's books: "There is no way by which events can be directly recorded in our brains; they are experienced and constructed in a highly subjective way, different in every individual, differently reinterpreted or reexperienced whenever recollected. . . . Frequently, our only truth is narrative truth, the stories we tell each…

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