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The best shot at overcoming vaccination standoffs? Having doctors listen

The best shot at overcoming vaccination standoffs? Having doctors listen

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Clinicians should aim to understand parents’ values and engage in genuine, respectful conversations; these processes can help vaccine-hesitant parents feel heard and understood... Recognizing cognitive biases ... can also help ...
omission bias may lead parents to blame themselves more if a child develops a vaccine-related side effect ... than ... if their child develops a vaccine-preventable disease...
anticipated regret, may lead some parents to expect to feel remorseful if a child develops a vaccine-related side effec... Confirmation bias might lead people to believe information that already supports their preexisting beliefs ... motivated reasoning might lead them to seek out this supportive information, ignoring information that counters their beliefs...
Engaging parents in discussions about vaccination ... can lead one-third to one-half of initially hesitant parents to vaccinate... by identifying a shared goal... Stories and anecdotes that help parents understand the importance of vaccination may also be remembered more than data or statistics...
Parents can prepare themselves with online resources to help them appraise news stories.

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