Plexus demo, scribed
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"I first decided to try scribing the Betaworx Render session on Plexus using Obsidian and try publishing it via GitHub (context). That didn't work, so when I saw [[rtnf md]] I thought I'd give it a whirl... the idea [of Plexus] is simple:post your thoughts into a defined shared brain on Plexus - eg : …

Rethinking industry events in the age of social distancing
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social distancing ... led us to reconsider how we reach our audiences at scale ... through events... already conducted more than 15 large-scale virtual events... partner summit for over 4,000 attendees ... employee town hall with our CEO... Here’s what I’ve learned ...people show up to events to learn, network, and discover... to enable ... on a d…

The insight-industrial complex
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I read much faster than people talk, so they’re not a good way for me to learn things... the actual goal... is to reify the importance and social status of the conference organizers and speakers... There seems to be a widespread mindset that all you really need to succeed is insight... what separates success from failure is a sufficiency of sage a…

6 Ways to Manage a Successful Interactive Conference
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I moderated a panel discussion about Virtual Reality ... used Engagenow to bring the audience and the panelists closer. How?

For Quartz, bots are a chance to build a new path for interacting with news (and news outlets)

Bot Studio... will focus on two main areas: How bots and artificial intelligence can help journalists do their jobs better and how news consumers can use them to access news and information... conference bot, a Twitter bot — @newsnerdbot. We scraped the conference website ... fed that into a database, and then wired that up to a natural-language …

Vlogging events: authenticity ex-Osmo
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I finally vlogged my first event. Some first impressions.

Vlogging the EU Week of Regions & Cities

One of the vlogs I did at the EU Week of Regions & Cities with the winners of the #EUinmyRegion blogging competition I ran for the EC. All vlogs can be found in this Moment.

What the Associated Press has learned from a year of VR
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Most events are not designed for VR... The rule of thumb is ‘would you look around you in a certain situation?’ if the answer is yes, then ...maybe there is an opportunity to create a VR experience short storytelling is better for breaking news... stick to longer time frames for feature stories

Deepstream: Newsroom tool turns the chaos of livestreams into curated order
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Deepstream makes it easy to remix one or more livestreams by adding context and background... by introducing a new role into the livestreaming ecosystem: the curator... easily embed live video into a player that includes context cards... set up with just a few clicks to feature news stories, polls, maps, tweets, free text and more to help you expl…

‘The Voice’ for Conferences
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thank you for raising the awareness of my half of the population on the extra challenges women face in business presentation contexts... co-created conferences may offer a partial solution... I may suggest ensuring Personal Profiles do not include photos or any gender information

Home | Personalised Medicine Conference 2016 - Research & Innovation - European Commission

The Personalised Medicine Conference 2016 will explore personalised medicine through a research policy lens. Europe is a leader in personalised medicine, an interdisciplinary field which will drive the health research and innovation agenda for years to come in view to improve healthcare. this shouild be really interesting

Making co-created conferences age, colour & gender blind
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'The Voice’ for Conferences - a quick response post on Medium on making co-created conferences age, colour & gender blind.

Curation, Conferences and more Good Reading (Top3ics, 2 Oct)

Yes, I’m now curating news about news curation

Ten Commandments for Conference Organisers

I hate conferences. Always have. Always will. Maybe it’s because of my fidgety metabolism and intolerance of bullshit-peddling. Or maybe it’s because, champagne and canapés apart, conferences are usually a colossal waste of time and money. - Ten Commandments for Conference Organisers | Gareth Harding | LinkedIn

Let’s call time on ‘Park & Bark’ conference sessions
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How do you extract maximum value from a conference presentation or workshop, both for you, and your audience?


Easily assemble a variety of content types - videos, slides, PDF, webpages... - as an elegant and interactive reading experience that you share with your audience. We call it a “tute”

What I Learned From Conference Bingo — Medium
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How a networking game can get conference attendees out of their seats

How can we make events suck less?
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... shift participants’ perspective from “work” to “play.” ... a “one-day fellowship:” a chance to get away from the newsroom or office, from the usual day-to-day distractions, and to have an opportunity to really explore big, bold new ideas with a room full of equally-unleashed minds... there’s often more experience in the audience than there …

Plus ça change ...
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An organisation which cannot remember cannot learn; an organisation which cannot learn cannot improve.

Turning future news events into structured data

One for @richardmedic ... "Smydra ... he wants to find a way to allow the public to benefit from all the knowledge of future news events locked up inside newsrooms.... He'd love your thoughts" - Can you turn future news events into structured data? » Nieman Journalism Lab

ScribbleLive vs Twitter - Discuss
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"ScribbleLive is an important tool for covering events and breaking news as well as for live chats. Journalists should get adept at using Scribble (or other liveblogging tools such as CoverItLive, Liveblogpro or Superdesk). But be sure to use it in tandem with Twitter. You don’t have to choose between them." - Using ScribbleLive, you can livetwee…

With iBeacon, Apple is going to dump on NFC and embrace the internet of things - Tech News and Analysis
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"Beacons are a small wireless sensors placed inside any physical space that transmit data to your iPhone using Bluetooth Low Energy (aka Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Smart). ... Smartphones that are in an iBeacon zone will benefit from personalized microlocation-based notification and actions." - huge potential for conferences, exhibitions, network…

Building Communities of Practice with Event-in-a-Box

Trans-European online Communities of Practice should become a key element in the European online community, but examples so far are few. This post looks at DG INFSO, which has been using online community principles since 2002, two years before the phrase "Web 2.0" was invented.

Piloting Web2.0 for the EC
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Of course, when we launched the first interactive website for the IST Event (IST 2002) we didn’t know it was a Web2.0 site. That term only appeared two years later

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