The Age of Social Media Is Ending
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"It’s never felt more plausible that the age of social media might end—and soon."Provocative article, looking at the past 20 years as social networking evolved into social media - as I put it back in 2016, the evolution from social media (social as adjective) to social media, where the emphasis is on the noun."A social network is an…

I have facial blindness so I’m crap at networking, but let’s talk anyway
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Networking is something I’ve always been crap at, but I’ve only recently discovered why. It turns out that it’s actually physiological — I have facial blindness — which makes me wonder just how much of my life has been (de)formed by some poor wiring deep within my brain.

What I Learned From Conference Bingo — Medium
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How a networking game can get conference attendees out of their seats

Piloting Web2.0 for the EC
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Of course, when we launched the first interactive website for the IST Event (IST 2002) we didn’t know it was a Web2.0 site. That term only appeared two years later

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