Creative, Local, Young: what do Europe's young superheroes need?
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A workshop proposal for EuroPCom 2018 with @albawhitewolf, Mike Galsworthy (@Scientists4EU) and the original Captain Europe, reposted to Facebook by popular demand.

Communications, community & participation: learning from NHSCitizen
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This week NHSCitizen - one of the case studies I brought to myEuroPCom 2015 workshop on online communities- holds its first NHSCitizen Assembly, where the NHS Board meets citizens to ActionPlan the participants' top 5 priorities. Time to summarise the Hangout-On-Air I had on NHSCitizen with the Democratic Society's Anthony Zacharzewski,

Social Media, Digital Transformation & EuroPCom2015 WrapUp (Top3ics, 9 Nov 9)

In this week’s edition, a months’ reading - some 30 posts - on social media, digital transformation, content/system design and EuroPCom2015. But first some news from me

Creating an Architecture of Listening in Organizations

Two-way communication, engagement, dialogue, conversations, collaboration, and participation are buzzwords in contemporary public communication practices... how well do organizations ... listen — the essential corollary of speaking in communication? An international research study ... organizations overwhelmingly create an ‘architecture of s…

Online Communities: Slides & Key Take-Aways from EuroPCom15
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ontent from my EuroPCom session on online communities, plus some takeaways and extra links.

Fast, visual communications: a chat with Ezri and Charlelie (updated)
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I recently had a great live Hangout with Ezri Carlebach and Charlelie Jourdan to discuss visual communications, taking risks and creating energy in conferences.

Let’s call time on ‘Park & Bark’ conference sessions
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How do you extract maximum value from a conference presentation or workshop, both for you, and your audience?

Join me for a Hangout on Air with three online community experts
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Apart from the Online Hangout(24 September, 16h30 CET), a new online community just opened for public sector communicators across Europe.

Three online community case studies lined up for EuropCom2015
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My EuropCom 2015 workshop on online communities is taking shape. (Update: view all slideshows and key takeways from the session) According to the EuropCom2015 site it'll be held after lunch on Day 1, and will cover:Convening and managing an online community is an extremely effective way of achieving communications goals, but will probably fai…

Seeking best practices: online communities & public communications
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I need three speakers for a EuropCom2015 workshop to share their thoughts on convening and managing communities in the context of public communications and policymaking. The following throwaway remark on Linkedin landed me with the task of setting up a workshop at EuropCom 2015:"I'd suggest combining "Setting-up and managing online …

Participation Success Factors: a quick followup
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What happened when 60 odd people had a go at the Participation mindmap?

More social media experts stride forth in Brussels

If I recall correctly, a lot of us in the euroblogosphere reacted to the announcement of the European Public Communication Conference and Network (EuropCom) with a mixture of scepticism, hope and amusement, particularly with the original launch video, which was so badly done I for one was actually charmed.

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