For Quartz, bots are a chance to build a new path for interacting with news (and news outlets)

Bot Studio... will focus on two main areas: How bots and artificial intelligence can help journalists do their jobs better and how news consumers can use them to access news and information... conference bot, a Twitter bot — @newsnerdbot. We scraped the conference website ... fed that into a database, and then wired that up to a natural-language …

Fast, visual communications: a chat with Ezri and Charlelie (updated)
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I recently had a great live Hangout with Ezri Carlebach and Charlelie Jourdan to discuss visual communications, taking risks and creating energy in conferences.

50 Days of Spin to COP21
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This COP21 soonfeed lets you discover and get alerts to live streams, live blogs, hangouts and other online happenings related to the Paris climate talks. - 50 Days of Spin to COP21 - Happeningo

Ten Commandments for Conference Organisers

I hate conferences. Always have. Always will. Maybe it’s because of my fidgety metabolism and intolerance of bullshit-peddling. Or maybe it’s because, champagne and canapés apart, conferences are usually a colossal waste of time and money. - Ten Commandments for Conference Organisers | Gareth Harding | LinkedIn

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