Why Wikipedia beats Wikinews as a collaborative journalism project » Nieman Journalism Lab

why Wikipedia has been a more successful news source than Wikinews... Wikipedia’s formulaic style and continuous format are more conducive to collaborative writing projects ... writing a news story with a lead, a coherent narrative, and a deadline is very different than writing an encyclopedia article...tension between the Wikipedia community... …

How the psychology of co-creation hooks customers - The Startup - Medium
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Co-creation means involving customers in the process of making or designing your experience.... a behavioral science principle known as the IKEA Effect... people attribute more value to products they’ve helped create... brands that use co-creation methods “are outperforming the competition without outspending them...

‘The Voice’ for Conferences
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thank you for raising the awareness of my half of the population on the extra challenges women face in business presentation contexts... co-created conferences may offer a partial solution... I may suggest ensuring Personal Profiles do not include photos or any gender information

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