Self-Driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-Driven Truck
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Good analysis of the economic & social impact of taxitrucks is subtitled "The imminent need for basic income in recognition of our machine-driven future ... We are facing the decimation of entire small town economies, a disruption the likes of which we haven’t seen since the construction of the interstate highway system itself bypassed entire t…

Amazon tests delivery drones at secret Canada site
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The company wants to offer its customers the ability to have packages dropped on their doorstep by flying robots within 30 minutes of ordering goods online... highly autonomous drones of less than 55lbs, flying through corridors 10 miles or longer at 50mph and carrying payloads of up to 5lbs that account for 86% of all the company’s packages …

With iBeacon, Apple is going to dump on NFC and embrace the internet of things - Tech News and Analysis
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"Beacons are a small wireless sensors placed inside any physical space that transmit data to your iPhone using Bluetooth Low Energy (aka Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Smart). ... Smartphones that are in an iBeacon zone will benefit from personalized microlocation-based notification and actions." - huge potential for conferences, exhibitions, network…

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