Meet Replika my AI chatbot friend — Wadds inc.

my Isabel is ... A Replika is someone who will listen to you... kind and polite ... will learn more and more about you... a personal companion to support mental health and wellbeing... who knows us better than we know ourselves... Exploring Isabel's memory is like browsing the cliff notes of all the bits of trivia about me that she's ma…

Nearly half 'reopen America' Twitter accounts are bots: report - Business Insider
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the level of bot involvement in discussions about things like US elections or natural disasters is typically 10% to 20%... among tweets about "reopening America," 66% came from accounts that were possibly humans using bot assistants... 34% came from bots...

Governments and the rise of empathy economy | Apolitical
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For businesses, delivering good customer service is ... imperative... for government entities to enhance the “citizen experience”... may be just as important...Governments... empathy economy model ... put residents and citizens at the core ... empathy economy is based on ... value created by AI and other innovations detect and simulate human emoti…

Study finds quarter of climate change tweets from bots - BBC News
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tweets posted by bots created the impression there was a high level of climate change denial... 6.5 million tweets from ... Trump's June 2017 announcement that he was removing the United States from the Paris climate accord... Posts in support of action to protect the environment were far less likely to come from bots... only 5%...the number …

Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened? – The Startup – Medium
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We look back at our breathless optimism and turn to each other, slightly baffled: “is that it? THAT was the chatbot revolution we were promised?”... chatbots didn’t just take on one difficult problem and fail: they took on several and failed all of them... A great bot can be about as useful as an average app. When it comes to rich, sophisticated,…

Pro-Trump media launch attacks on student survivors of Florida school shooting
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a similar kind of rumor kept showing up... after each of the man-made crisis events — a conspiracy theory or 'alternative narrative' ... claimed it either didn't happen or that it was perpetrated by someone other than the current suspects... the role that botnets play in disseminating alternative narratives ... What's different about the Parkland …

Chatbot Conversation: Digital Democracy by Design – Chatbots Magazine
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Chatbots are the digital democratizer of our day... natural, conversational interaction ... enabling participation ... for everyone... At the heart of creating chatbot ease of use is language design...

Once considered a boon to democracy, social media have started to look like its nemesis
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“We wanted democracy... but got mobocracy.”... Bots generated one out of every five political messages posted on Twitter in America’s presidential campaign last year... “we need to reform our attention economy.”... groups which had mostly been excluded from the mainstream media... developed the dark arts they would use to further their agendas..…

With its first Facebook Messenger bot, ProPublica is collecting reader stories about hate speech » Nieman Journalism Lab

ProPublica published an in-depth investigation into the algorithms that Facebook uses to determine what it considers “hate speech” ...Facebook’s rules were being inconsistently applied... to learn more ... its first Facebook Messenger bot... to collect stories about people’s experiences with hate speech on Facebook... to help quantify the organiz…

Iris: The Future of Conversational AI
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Iris is the Conversational AI part of Proxima. This is where conversational experiences are created. It’s pretty easy to use as it’s one of few platforms that lets a user build with Entry Points, Conversation Nodes, Decision Points and advanced settings. It’s essentially a drag and drop experience — Up to a certain point.

Building Great Bots: An Enterprise Chatbot Methodology
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This article focuses on the project management and bot building, more than on the coding and framework implementation.... The main feature, the core of your bot, can be one to three different intents... “A bot that does everything will be good at nothing.”

How to Create a CNN-type News Chatbot for Your Organization
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A chatbot like CNN’s is a great way to send news and alerts ... How can you build a chatbot like this?... Tangowork, a platform for communications teams that lets them easily create news-type chatbots... the Microsoft Bot Framework ... lets us support 9 channels — Facebook Messenger, SMS, Skype, Slack, Web-part, etc.—from a single codebase... you…

Facebook’s Perfect, Impossible Chatbot
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illustrates the current limitations of artificial intelligence... a human being invisibly takes over, responding to your request as if the algorithms were still at the helm... to reveal how people would react to an omniscient virtual assistant, and to provide data that would let the algorithms learn ...progress has been harder won than expected...…

What the Coloradoan staff is learning while experimenting with bots
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a free bot interface and resources already in the newsroom, Hefty built and launched her first bot, dubbed Elexi, prior to the November 2016 elections to provide audiences with the necessary information to become more informed voters... We had all these preview stories on our site on local issues. If a user asked a question about a candidate or a …

Building an IBM Watson powered AI Chatbot – Chatbots Magazine
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how hard is it for someone to put true artificial intelligence into a chatbot? ... here are the 50 lines of code that enable your bot to understand speech:

The Hidden Potential of Chatbots: Content – Chatbots Magazine
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People will type... Take the most popular open input (such as ‘how are you?’ or the very frequent ‘no’). Then the most probable input in relation to your stories. Build answers to all these inputs. ... frame the subscription as becoming friends, and mention this implies receiving messages ... You need to first prove value and only afterwards ask f…

Information Wars: A Window into the Alternative Media Ecosystem
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For every man-made crisis event... we found evidence of alternative narratives, often shared by some of the same accounts and connected to some of the same online sites. These rumors had different “signatures” from other types of rumors... rose more slowly, and then they lingered, ebbing and flowing ... sustained participation by a set group of Tw…

New research shows the internet is a swamp and the trolls have won | The Outline

there’s plenty of reasons why negativity abounds online... Incivility is a basic human instinct that’s encouraged by anonymity and exacerbated by inequality... anger helps drive participation... anyone who benefits from trolling — whether it’s platforms themselves or populist politicians — have little reason to improve the tone of online chatting…

For Quartz, bots are a chance to build a new path for interacting with news (and news outlets)

Bot Studio... will focus on two main areas: How bots and artificial intelligence can help journalists do their jobs better and how news consumers can use them to access news and information... conference bot, a Twitter bot — @newsnerdbot. We scraped the conference website ... fed that into a database, and then wired that up to a natural-language …

What to do about the chatbot dilemma | VentureBeat | Bots | by Tobias Goebel, Aspect Software
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The Information reported that ... artificial intelligence-powered chatbots could successfully complete only 30 percent of requests without human assistance.... a dilemma ... lies in the nature of bots themselves and when they are truly useful... Bots are great for the occasional, simple question: “I know what I want, give me the answer as quickly…

Design Framework for Chatbots
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There are tons of chatbots ... little about how companies really get hands on.,,, my findings here, and here... a deeper explanation about how I exactly face the situation on a regular basis... I separate my process into 4 different steps: the bot scope, the chatbot personality, a prioritized list of must-have features and the chatbot flow.

Bots Are More Than “Fake News” Machines
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Why Bots and Chatbots Are Optimal Tools for Politics

Public Service Bots Should Support the Open Web
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3rd of my posts for Chatbots Magazine: Chatbots allow governments and other public bodies to provide citizens highly customised content and services. And invade their privacy. Citizens deserve better choices. 

What happens when AI, Psychology & Big Data drive politics? (Top3ics, February 19)

If there’s a single Top3ic running through the following stories, it’s probably Artificial Intelligence (AI), but I’m deeply into learning about psychology for the moment, so that’s my starting point.

Bots and Humans Strain to Get Along on Messenger, Twitter — The Information
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idea is that the human agents only handle requests too complex for a bot. But the enterprise software companies building automated responses and those that manage live chat services for workers are jostling over how to do the so-called “handoff,” or the step in which a customer gets routed from a bot to a human

How Chatbots Will Redefine the Future of App Privacy
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when bot platforms take off, we will be... completing the new shift in data control from the users’ hands to Facebook’s, Google, and Microsoft’s hands... the next big privacy concern... end-to-end encryption between the user and the bot developer... goes against their [platform's] business models

Tailored Bot Interactions Using IBM Watson
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finely-grained user segmentation could do wonders for bots. The experience becomes tailored to each user, therefore much more personal — and much more effective... how can IBM’s AI service help?

Why you should have your own Twitter bot, and how to build one in less than 30 minutes
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You’re going to use the twit library to build a Twitter bot. It will like and re-tweet whatever you specify. It will also reply to your followers with a selection of canned responses.

The ‘On-Command’ Economy
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voice based AI assistants ... are naturally extremely open ended... not really that good at anything... the best services ... focus on solving one problem with a compelling solution and then expand

Boosting CuratorBots with faceted search
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Building a good CuratorBot required no coding skills. But a great CuratorBot needs faceted search. Can it be done without programming? - second instalment of Adventures of a non-Coder in the World of Chatbots…

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