Large Language Models Understand and Can Be Enhanced by Emotional Stimuli

"does appealing to the (non-existent) “emotions“ of LLMs make them perform better? The answer is YES"

Neuroscience has much to learn from Hume’s philosophy of emotions | Psyche Ideas
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Hume understood reason ... incapable of producing any action...attend to the passions if we want to understand how anything gets done...neuroscience has found that human rationality is weaker than is commonly presumed... [views] emotions as ‘action programmes’... human thought is not brainbound but stems from connections between the mind and body…

Governments and the rise of empathy economy | Apolitical
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For businesses, delivering good customer service is ... imperative... for government entities to enhance the “citizen experience”... may be just as important...Governments... empathy economy model ... put residents and citizens at the core ... empathy economy is based on ... value created by AI and other innovations detect and simulate human emoti…

Why are happy people voting for angry parties? - The satisfaction paradox
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2017 study ... showed that voters in Britain highly satisfied with their lives were 1.6% more likely to support the party in power... a 10% rise in family income was associated with a mere 0.18% increase ... happiness seems more important to the outcome of elections than money... in 15 European elections ... Life satisfaction... twice as important…

You Can Have Emotions You Don’t Feel
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Even if we do feel an emotion, there are parts associated with it that we aren’t usually aware of.

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