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Pro-Trump media launch attacks on student survivors of Florida school shooting

Pro-Trump media launch attacks on student survivors of Florida school shooting

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a similar kind of rumor kept showing up... after each of the man-made crisis events — a conspiracy theory or 'alternative narrative' ... claimed it either didn't happen or that it was perpetrated by someone other than the current suspects... the role that botnets play in disseminating alternative narratives ...
What's different about the Parkland shooting is how quickly and powerfully survivors began speaking out... targets for fake news campaigns, conspiracy theories, harassment and doxxing... One popular theme that is making rounds online is that the survivors are "crisis actors."... the imperative was to "expose" these students "and have them sent to jail."...
We can track where it originates and how it spreads. Media... to be aware of these trolling operations and include them in their reporting. Tech companies must protect survivors from abuse and stop the spread of false information.

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