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New research shows the internet is a swamp and the trolls have won | The Outline

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there’s plenty of reasons why negativity abounds online... Incivility is a basic human instinct that’s encouraged by anonymity and exacerbated by inequality... anger helps drive participation...
anyone who benefits from trolling — whether it’s platforms themselves or populist politicians — have little reason to improve the tone of online chatting... most people are easily manipulated by fear...
Companies can ask for real names and use reputation scoring, but that risks fragmenting the web ,,, worsening the filter bubble effect...AI, could improve detection of nasty behavior, but ... trolls and other actors will fight back, innovating around any barriers ...
When chatbots start running amok — targeting individuals with hate speech — how will we define ‘speech’?”...
Another option ... is increased surveillance... monitor citizens, suppress free speech and shape discourse via algorithms, allowing those who write the algorithms to sculpt civil debate.”

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