Twitter alternative: how Mastodon is designed to be “antiviral”
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Mastodon is "subtly designed to reduce the huge, viral surges of attention we see on Twitter" and others, which have "deformed people’s behavior... coaxed people to constantly try to hack the attentional marketplace... incessantly making posts ... operatically theatrical... enrage ... [other] high-voltage reaction".Hence “antiv…

TruthBuzz: The Viral Fact-Checking Contest | ICFJ - International Center for Journalists
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aimed to find new ways to help verified facts reach the widest possible audience. The competition sought creative solutions that newsrooms can adopt to take fact-checking beyond long-form explanations and bullet points.... selected teams from Argentina, Italy, Georgia and Mexico as the winners. ·

Misinformation on social media: Can technology save us?
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my research team’s analysis of data from Columbia University’s Emergent rumor tracker suggests that this misinformation is just as likely to go viral as reliable information... limiting news fakers’ ability to sell ads... a step in the right direction. But it will not curb abuses driven by political motives... Using BotOrNot, our colleagues found…

A Cynic’s Guide to Writing the Perfect Medium Post
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it’s been recommended over 6,500 times... the problem is this: the article is… crushingly insubstantial... there are dozens of similar pieces churning around Medium at any time: how to listicles, life-hack guides, autodidactic treatises on ‘personal growth’ etc etc... in the spirit of “if you can’t beat them join them”, here is my hastily co…

Creating Online Videos That Engage Viewers
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what are the characteristics of videos that engage consumers?... Depending on the expert, success is thought more likely if a video is humorous, shocking, dramatic, topical, warm, arousing, angry, scary, socially beneficial, cute, violent, sexy, uplifting, intriguing, quirky, interesting, authoritative, tear-jerking, educational, controversial…

The social science of sharing
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We seem to be suckers for a happy ending ... Upworthy and Viral Nova, have become skilled in coming up with headlines that turn a sad tale on its head. Shifting the focus away from sadness changes a story’s emotional footprint, helping it travel further on social networks... While bad news is a mainstay of the media, people tend to avoid passin…

How to write long-form articles that go absolutely viral
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"Thoughtful, longform content is king... A young, bare-bones website called Wait But Why is disproving the notion that thoughtful, long-form content and virality are mutually exclusive... monthly averages of 1.6 million uniques and 4.6 million page views... Its newsletter has over 106,000 subscribers... Its most viral article... has well ove…

Stop Trying to Go Viral
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Interesting study of "whether having a video go viral leads to long-term success [defined as] increased activity with the brand on the whole.... After 15 days from the creation of a viral video, these brand YouTube channels receive virtually the same amount of attention ... before the viral video was posted... Our data does not support that vira…

Welcome to the age of digital narcissism
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On #icebucketchallenge, obviously. - I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream ‘Look at Me’ | LinkedIn

#ISISMediaBlackout: the first anti-viral viral campaign
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"As #ISISMediaBlackout gathered pace it became one of the world's first anti-viral virals. Tweeted around 20,000 times, it managed to eclipse the content itself. #ISISMediaBlackout might be a sign that social media is taking the step forwards that it most badly needs.... It needs digital citizenship, the realisation that our behaviour online a…

4 Mistakes Marketers Make When Trying to Go “Viral”
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"Thinking of the people you are reaching as multipliers and your content as “spreadable” rather than “viral” will help you avoid several all-too-common pitfalls" OK, so I've been building projects around multipliers and avoiding the v-word like - well - the plague, for years, but these insights are worth repeating nevertheless. - 4 Mistakes Mark…

Buzzfeed on creating a buzz
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"BuzzFeed UK editor Luke Lewis shared his tips and advice for effective use of social networks as part of news:rewired last week" You've probably read this already, but just in case... - Lessons in creating a buzz on social media from BuzzFeed | Media news

Viral math

Good intro to the maths of virality, and why Upworthy's best friend will kill them eventually: " As a result, there’s a direct feedback loop between C and FBT [Facebook Throttle - the % of friends who will see a user's FB share]: the higher your clickbaitiness (C), the less that Facebook will throttle you, and the more likely that your articles w…

How Viral Marketing Sausage Is Made
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"The process is called "seeding." While an old-hat to online advertising pros, it may come as something of a revelation to the rest of us who often wonder just how some YouTube videos blow up with tens of millions of views, while others languish in the humble thousands. "Every viral video that is very successful like this needs to have a good see…

Even if it’s fake, it’s real. #storytelling

Maybe EU hoax stories can be useful ... An interesting take from Nieman Journalism Lab on the value viral hoax stories can bring to conversations on complex topics. The point being that the hoax would not have gone viral in the first place if it did not touch upon a complex, important topic in some way: "Yet at the same time, these strings of …

Want a Viral Hit? Here Is an Inside Look at Our Ideation Process - Moz
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"the process we use here at Fractl to come up with ideas that we feel confident will find viral success. "

Dancing YouTube Sensation Karen Cheng's 10 Tips For Making Your Video Go Viral | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
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"I did a ton of marketing, and it started long before the video was released. Going viral was not an accident--it was work. I tried a lot of things. This is what worked for me."

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