Integrate podcasts into your second brain with speech-to-text
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A short experiment on getting the most out of podcasts by using speech-to-text engines to create rtanscripts. TL:DR:Welder’s excellent and free;’s got some amazing features, but it’s pricey; just forget Google.

Thinking becoming about thinking to harness the power of knowing what you don’t know (YANSS)
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A YANSS interview with Adam Grant, author of Think Again: The Power of Knowing What you Don’t Know. Generally an "extensive exploration of how to rethink your own thinking", including his WorkLife podcast interview of Margaret Atwood on procrastination.(When annotating a podcast I really like a transcript, but there was none for this epi…

Evan Henshaw-Plath, Planetary.Social | The Institute for Digital Public Infrastructure
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One of a great series of Reimagining the Internet podcasts. Guest: the Planetary.Social founder, discussing:the early days of Twitter: "Twitter's innovation ... happened all at the edges... users created everything... inline images and short links and retweets and the app, actual at and hashtags... the company... cultivated this garden w…

Active Information Avoidance – You Are Not So Smart
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active information avoidance... keeping our senses away from information that might be useful, that we know is out there, that would cost us nothing to obtain, but that we’d still rather not learn...

Face It, You Just Don’t Care About the News Anymore
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News... is a standardized nonfiction literary form and only one of the many kinds of a journalistic output.... if the context of what we called “news” for nearly two centuries has radically altered, is news still functioning as it should?... The invention of the electric telegraph in the 1830s allowed ... bursts of information in ... messages, wh…

Listen & Learn: how to absorb podcast knowledge
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This is a heavily updated repost of my latest Top3ics newsletter. It’s not a copy/paste repost, because Before you Repost it, ReThink It.

Listen & Learn: how to absorb podcast knowledge (Top3Pods, September 2017)

This edition focuses on getting the most out of podcasts and so includes a new tweak to my personal content strategy.

When Not to Trust the Algorithm
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I was particularly ashamed of the way that the AAA ratings, which were in some sense a mathematical promise of safety, had been actually just lies, mathematical lies... like a weaponized mathematics ... actually people don’t want to know what their actual risk ... mathematics ... was being used ... so that people could go on doing essentially corr…

YANSS 063 – How search engines make us feel smarter than we really are – You Are Not So Smart
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Habitual googling leads us to mistakenly believe we know more than we actually do ... even when we no longer have access to the internet. The more you use Google, it seems, the smarter you feel without it...

How to become better at smelling and avoiding the many varieties of bullshit – You Are Not So Smart
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In this episode we explore both of those concepts as well as what makes a person susceptible to bullshit, how to identify and defend against it, and what kind of people are the most and least likely to be bowled over by bullshit artists and other merchants of feel-good woo.

Why Tom Kelley of IDEO is the ultimate disciple of ‘design thinking’
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we talk with Tom Kelly, a partner at IDEO, about the definition of innovation, how to take back your creative confidence, and the habits that can shape not only your current design team, but the up-and-coming design leaders of the world.

Here’s how Jay Baer would fix your broken content marketing and social media
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there are more than 1.97 million blog posts published online every single day... four (specific) ways that marketers can fix their broken content marketing and social media programs...

Can Marketplace reach an audience beyond those who already care about explainer journalism?

Marketplace wants to reach a more diverse audience... to raise the economic intelligence of the country... podcast... to approach explainer journalism ... through a group conversation... Our attempt to get the answer is going to be transparent... audience, can you help me with this?

How The Boston Globe is covering the Boston Marathon bombing trial – Poynter

covering trials can be tricky... trials don’t always unfold in orderly narratives. Instead, they develop in fits and starts, depending on which witnesses are called and which exhibits the prosecution and defense choose to enter.... attorneys don't actually build narrative... The challenge... to create a way to track those arguments as they're made…

Gimlet Media’s latest membership perk? A Slack channel for die-hards
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the company's newest tweak to its membership program is one that puts listeners in direct conversation with the company's staffers. The idea: Give Gimlet's members access to the company's Slack team

Pacific Content’s podcasts are all sponsored by companies — but at least there aren’t any ads » Nieman Journalism Lab

the hallmark of a good branded podcast is that the marketing is subtle... this is something where you want to build a long-term relationship with people. It’s not about short-term conversions, or anything like that, but about having an amazing first experience with a brand.

No Escape From ‘The New Yorker’
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legacy magazine has partnered with WNYC to launch an hour-long radio show ... introduced a metered paywall ... continued to attract sponsors and big names to its annual citywide weekend of panel discussions, interviews and performances.... an Amazon series premieres on February 16...

Seven secrets of podcasting success
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podcast listening is generally done via your earbuds or in the confined space of the car. There’s nothing more intimate than having another human being speak directly to you. - Seven secrets of podcasting success — Medium

How 5 news outlets are finding success with podcasts
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the key to making it work is thinking how it can improve your journalism and what kind of stories can shine through it. Here are some recent examples from the Financial Times, Quartz, BBC, The Guardian and BuzzFeed: - How 5 news outlets are finding success with podcasts | Media news

Podcast: Female Perspective on Startups and Lifestyle Businesses
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In Steph’s inaugural episode we explore the experience and perspectives of women in startups and lifestyle businesses. - The Female Perspective on Startups and Lifestyle Businesses (FS111)

Podcasting On A Budget
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Because "lo-fi" audiovisual is no longer the preserve of the deep-pocketed, and podcasts really should be on your ThinkAbout list: "For the best recordings on a budget, check out this list of tips and tools for the budding podcaster." - Podcasting On A Budget: How To Record Great Audio For Less - ReadWrite

Why podcasts are suddenly “back”

"The story of podcasts suddenly being “back” strongly suggests, and mostly requires, that they had been big at one time and had since gone away. That New York Magazine article even cites a “bottom” time: 2010. But that never really happened." - Why podcasts are suddenly “back” –

UK startup Clippet targets millennials with audio news to go
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"Each day Clippet offers a selection of 10 news stories digested into one-minute audio clips. " - UK startup Clippet targets millennials with audio news to go

Why Slate went all-in on podcasts
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"What astonished him was the level of intimacy inherent in the form. After spending a decade in radio he had assumed that it was the most intimate medium, but he found podcasting to be one step deeper, in that listeners actively subscribe to a show and in doing so feel like they’re joining a club. " - Why Slate went all-in on podcasts while other…

A golden age of podcasts?
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"Although Serial’s audience has broken records, it  is far from the only podcast that enjoys serious listener engagement —successful podcasts often have that ability to move audiences... “It’s on-demand, so people are actively choosing what they want to listen to, stories are delivered with a human voice and personality. The intimacy of radio i…

Podcasting poised to go mainstream
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(FT paywall) "Serial’s success is the most visible example of a renaissance in podcasting – a format that has been around for a decade but which has received a recent surge of interest from consumers, investors and advertisers." Massively underused medium for EU comms, IMHO. - Podcasting poised to go from niche to mainstream -

10 tips for using audio in storytelling
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"The latest trend in storytelling is not driven by super-innovative technology. It requires no expensive accessories and is accessible to all ages and backgrounds. It’s called LISTENING." Gotta love an article which starts like that! Apart from the practical guidelines promised, I liked its observation "about the temporal nature of sound - unable…

Cornerstone of a Smart Content Strategy
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"we are kicking off the relaunch of The Lede with a three-part series on content strategy... we begin with an element of content strategy that often gets overlooked … but that is crucial to understanding your audience intimately enough to influence it." Hint: it's AUDIENCE. And it's a podcast, so grab it and give it a listen tomorrow morning on y…

Can Longform Become A Netflix For Journalism?
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"What's fascinating about Longform isn't its success... but how it went from a fairly simple website to an ambitious world-changing platform by nothing more than user feedback. No abstract theories... Just the simple power of going iteratively from MVP to a product people want... the new Longform app allows you to follow individual writers' wor…

Radiotopia: PRX's new podcast network

"a new model for digital-first audio programming ... a collective, helping to market one another, providing guidance on technical issues, and sharing lessons on growing audiences. Radiotopia will provide the framework for raising money..." - Welcome to Radiotopia, a podcast network with the aesthetics of story-driven public radio » Nieman Journal…

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