Does it make sense to refer to EU officials as “unelected bureaucrats”? - The Economist explains
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Every government has bureaucrats, who are by nature unelected. The EU, with about 33,000 civil servants, is dwarfed by the British ... 400,000. ... many senior ones are appointed rather than elected; yet this, too, is true of all governments.... the 28 commissioners ... are nominated by member countries and approved by the European Parliament, whi…

Can Marketplace reach an audience beyond those who already care about explainer journalism?

Marketplace wants to reach a more diverse audience... to raise the economic intelligence of the country... podcast... to approach explainer journalism ... through a group conversation... Our attempt to get the answer is going to be transparent... audience, can you help me with this?

Explainer, Elucidator, Enchanter: A Gradation of Great Writing – Brain Pickings
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hierarchy of good writing, particularly of good science writing... Explainers make information clear and comprehensible... Elucidators go beyond explanation and into illumination — they transmute information into understanding by ... integrating various bits of knowledge into a larger framework of comprehension... Enchanters do all of the above, b…

The Increasing Problem With the Misinformed (by @baekdal) #analysis
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The public is no longer uninformed. They are misinformed, and that requires an entirely different editorial focus ... just reporting the news doesn't actually solve the public's needs. Now your focus must be on explaining the news instead.... the newspaper is stuck in an existential crisis ... stop being a newspaper and start being something el…

The case that Brexit is — and isn’t — the end of the European project - Vox
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an organization dedicated to "ever closer union" has never faced a setback as profound as the looming departure from the UK, and it’s natural to wonder if this doesn’t mark the beginning of a larger unraveling.... Rather than a prediction or a hot take, here’s a way to think through the different alternatives.

The Washington Post is dabbling in translations to reach a growing non-English speaking audience » Nieman Journalism Lab

includes translating political explainers as "part of our attempt to reach new readers who are interested in American politics — but perhaps don't speak English... "We were convinced that there is a need for translated articles, but we hadn't hit on the right formulation in terms of how to get a professionalized translation that's turned around qu…

Fresh from success with Vox Sentences, Vox is betting on email newsletters – Poynter
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Vox Sentences, the explainer site's bullet-pointed digest of the day's most important headlines, has seen huge gains... prompted Vox to create a position for its first-ever email editor... launch additional newsletters that will bring the site's explainer content on a variety of subjects to readers' inboxes... Vox adopts a distributed approach to …

Inspired by “independent YouTubers,” wary of cable, takes its explainer mission to video

thinking of videos as pieces that can stand on their own, not “the way to slightly better monetize an article page"... There’s usually no reason to watch an interview. It’s better in text or as a podcast.... the Vox team works like independent YouTubers.” For any given video, a single person is responsible for the entire production process, from …

The most important things to read to understand how Brussels became a terrorism hub - Vox
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But how did Belgium find itself at the center of a burgeoning terrorist network? Here are a few sources of reading to help you get a clearer picture.

The importance of explanatory journalism | Brookings Institution
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the press help shed sunlight on the inner workings of government, expose flaws and problems in our system, and inform the citizenry, making journalism a cornerstone of a healthy democracy... explanatory journalism... is particularly worthy of attention for its role in improving public knowledge and contributing to a more informed populace.The vide…

Great explainer video - accompanying article here.

Great explainer video - accompanying article here.

We haven’t even scratched surface of explainer journalism

We still write stories for the web as if they were fixed and transitory, but they’re not... people have expected that something like 70 per cent of traffic would be to “new” content, and the rest to the “archive”. The reality usually proves to be exactly the other way around... we’re over-weight in publishing “news” and significantly under-weight …

The Economist explains: The fashion for “explainer” articles | The Economist
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Why are explainers suddenly so popular?... Explainers should create “a scaffold of understanding that future reports can attach to”... a counterpart to the endless streams of headlines, posts and tweets that are how most digital natives find their news today.

What is explainer journalism? | News |
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if news content focuses on the ‘Who, What, When, and Where,’ explainer journalism looks to inform the reader of the ‘How and Why’... give the reader background information about a story to ensure that they are able to properly understand events as they unfold... Explainer journalism enables the media provider to at least show some intelligence an…

How Search Works: From algorithms to answers

Nice HTML5 process explainer

There's explainers, and then there's clickbait

"Could “all you need to know” be the most insidious, reductive, and lame story formula currently conquering our reading life? Everywhere you turn there’s another purported ne plus ultra explainer purporting to tell us “absolutely everything we could possibly need to know” about some current event, some curiosity of history, some deep mystery of li…

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