Science Denial, Explained by Psychologists | Elemental
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Covid-19 case numbers are now spiking in many counties across West Texas ... [but] resolve of ... skeptics appears to be stiffening... the denial of facts is often rooted in identity and belonging, not in ignorance ...people who deny science ... trying to uphold membership in ... a political or religious affiliation or some other group ... a commu…

Andrew Sullivan: See You Next Friday
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my last column in this space is not about “cancel culture.” Well, almost... The quality of my work does not appear to be the problem... A critical mass of the staff and management at New York Magazine and Vox Media no longer want to associate with me ... orthodoxy in mainstream media, that any writer not actively committed to critical theory in …

Opinion | The Future of Nonconformity
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marginalization of those with radical critiques... poisoning both the right and the left ...resentment and victimhood spread across the American right — an intellectual inferiority complex combined with a moral superiority complex ... Thinking was no longer for understanding. Thinking was for belonging ... Sarah Palin and Donald Trump reintroduc…

Why it’s as hard to escape an echo chamber as it is to flee a cult | Aeon Essays
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echo chambers and epistemic bubbles... systematically exclude sources of information... exaggerate their members’ confidence in their beliefs... work in entirely different ways... epistemic bubble is when you don’t hear people from the other side. An echo chamber is what happens when you don’t trust people from the other side...‘epistemic bubble’ …

The purity spiral - spiked
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a social dynamic in which it becomes more beneficial to hold those views than not. It’s the feedback mechanism by which people are punished for expressing any kind of nuance, doubt or divergence... moral outbidding, unchecked, that corrodes a group from within...the vanity of small differences, and the punishing of people for the most minor transg…

We Are in a ‘Group Feel’ Epidemic
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“You’re over-feeling this” needs to be a thing ... Yet, we talk about “Groupthink” when “Groupfeel” is the new wave transforming our public sphere... public discourse increasingly eschews actual logic for a sort of culturally agreed upon standard of emotional logic... my feelings ... don’t matter as much as the facts. But since we have so few fa…

The Pros and Cons of Collaboration
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managers always have to balance the merits of teamwork... with the dangers of “groupthink”... Large groups are remarkably good, on average, at estimating such things as the number of beans in a jar or the weight of a prize calf. But that accuracy relies on the guesses being independent.... Modern communication methods mean that collaboration is mo…

How finding the right community can help your creativity - Crew Blog
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We may see ‘creativity’ as an individual trait... but real creativity depends on a community of likeminded people... what we call creativity is not the product of single individuals, but of social systems making judgements about individual’s products.... Brian Eno calls this community a ‘scenius’—a group of creative individuals who make up an ‘eco…

There Really Was A Liberal Media Bubble
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Groupthink produced a failure of the “wisdom of crowds” and an underestimate of Trump’s chances... political experts aren’t a very diverse group and tend to place a lot of faith in the opinions of other experts and other members of the political establishment. Once a consensus view is established, it tends to reinforce itself ... Social media, esp…

Russia Hysteria Infects WashPost Again: False Story About Hacking U.S. Electric Grid
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THE WASHINGTON POST on Friday reported a genuinely alarming event: Russian hackers have penetrated the U.S. power system...media reactions... were exactly what one would expect: hysterical, alarmist proclamations ... It did not happen. There was no “penetration of the U.S. electricity grid.” ... The level of groupthink, fearmongering, coercive p…

'Putinites on the web' are the new 'Reds under the bed' | Coffee House
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An MP blaming his own failings ... on evil Russians ... without a slither of evidence. Post-truth much? ... Remainers cannot accept that a majority of people are simply rationally opposed, to ... the EU.... he’s so stunned that there are people out there who think differently to him that the only way he can make sense of it is by imagining thes…

Spread your masthead across the country, and other ideas to prevent groupthink – Poynter
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I’ve read dozens of journalism postmortems and tweets lamenting how and why journalists got it wrong last week. Here’s a short, probably-not-comprehensive summary:... Among the 30 survey questions sent to journalists: What's your biggest blind spot? The first answer was: “Groupthink. We draw from a limited pool of people who generally have a simi…

Pew poll shows few Clinton-Trump voter friendships | Fusion
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47% of Clinton supporters and 31% of Trump supporters say they have zero close friends who support the opposing candidate... The most segregated groups (those with the highest responses of “no friends supporting the opponent”) were young and black people.. Fewer than half the country has even had a conversation with someone from the opposing side’…

Confused Why Donald Trump’s Message Is Resonating?
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The majority of people reading this article on Medium probably haven’t felt the pains that Obama described, so they’re confused, like me, about the popularity of Trump... It takes more than graphs and psychological theory to explain this, but I’m going to try.

Losing my religion
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Brexit, as experienced by a British-Australian comms guy in Brussels.

Facebook’s Trending Topics and the growing power of the funnel filter

Ironically, with the widening of (national) news choices that the Internet has spawned, we’re depending on fewer pipelines of news. It’s a narrowing of the filter funnel...t as troubling as the filter bubbles that used to occupy our concerns, but likely more potent. As those pipelines narrow, necessarily, the decision on what is news, and what is …

How do you measure a Filter Bubble?
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I spent a few minutes viewing the Twitter profiles of some of the people who've followed me recently and I was struck by how much of their TweetStreams were simply RTs of other people here in Brussels. Don't they have anything original to say?

getting past the coalition of the cool

The job of politics... finding common cause with people who aren’t like you. But current incentives seem to point in the opposite direction... I blame the internet ... You can’t take on inequality and injustice with a coalition of people who use the same slang, listen to the same music, and post the same emojis that you do.You have to be willing t…

Narrative for Europe – Have your say
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As commented on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/New-Narrative-Europe-closing-event-4203563.S.5916497700450234368), a poll with an interesting set of options to choose from: "Do you: a) Love Europe as a state of mind? b) Love Europe as a solution to the challenges we face together? c) Love Europe for its victory over the barriers which o…

Marketing, groupthink & blind spots
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@digitaltonto on "Cargo Cult Marketers", who - despite the complexity of modern marketing - "offer a false solution ... a simple formula that explains everything." Greg goes into the psychology of this particular breed of marketers with great insight, charting how they come up with and fall in love with their own idea and then, subconsciously, on…

Of technocrats, journalistic balance and telling EU stories

A recent edition of The Infinite Monkey Cage, BBC Radio4's brilliant chat show combining science and comedy, got me thinking again about the parallels between science communications and EU communications.

What "The Filter Bubble" means for the Brussels Bubble

"The Filter Bubble", by MoveOn.org foreign policy director Eli Pariser, shows that the forces creating the Brussels Bubble are about to be reinforced by technology, operated invisibly - and with impunity - by a handful of companies.

Oh, so it's the media's fault noone likes the EU ...

Next week will see yet another physical meeting in Brussels dedicated to exploring the European public space, an irony which appears permanently lost to the organisers of the neverending stream of conferences, seminars and workshops which can be only attended by Brussels Bubble Insiders, and have neither webstreaming nor any online community (Euro…

Thoughts on the European online community

Now and then the question arises: how can we get a transnational discourse on European topics underway, or create a European online public space? The two phrases in bold, above, both come from one of the latest posts on the topic, this time from Julien Frisch. They follow initiatives like Steffan's Bloggingportal.eu, which aggregates Euroblog…

Everything you (almost) wanted to know about twitter, part 1

OK, so sue me - I haven't posted in months. But I will post again soon, because the twittering is driving me nuts. I've been on twitter for around 18 months (since 7:24 AM Oct 18th, 2007, to be precise), and hardly ever used it. Didn't get the badge, didn't buy the t-shirt. Hell, if I can't find the time to blog on the blo…

Losing our interiority in the blogosphere

I was reading Laurent's post What does it mean to become human?, but it was so long that I skipped to the end, illustrating exactly the point I wanted to make in this post. Laurent writes, amongst other things, about interiority:the capacity to reflect upon ourselves, others and the world, the whole of realityIt put a name to something I'…

Buzzword Watch: Trust 2.0 & the EU

Over on iBlog, Claus used a term that caught my attention:Networks such as ERRIN, which is funded by membership contributions and invests in what I would call “TRUST 2.0.”, help to establish that collective understanding and culture of cooperation and facilitate successful involvement in EU projects.While he freely admitted that "Trust 2.0 do…

Happy Birthday, Blogactiv!

By my reckoning, Blogactiv had its first birthday today... what really sticks in my memory was the eurosceptics. It led to an interesting experiment in handling certain types of online debate... The Pyjama People's immediate assumption was that Blogactiv was an EU-funded front company... CIA-style

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