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Opinion | The Future of Nonconformity

Opinion | The Future of Nonconformity

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marginalization of those with radical critiques... poisoning both the right and the left ...

resentment and victimhood spread across the American right — an intellectual inferiority complex combined with a moral superiority complex ... Thinking was no longer for understanding. Thinking was for belonging ... Sarah Palin and Donald Trump reintroduced anti-intellectualism ...

Intellectual segregation ... for the left... produced insularity. Progressives are often blindsided by reality ... second consequence is fragility ... third consequence is conformity ... to affirm the self-esteem of the group...

“cancel culture” ... shift the boundaries of the sayable so it excludes not only conservatives but liberals and the heterodox ... Sixty-two percent of Americans say they are afraid to share things they believe ... Sullivan [and] other heterodox writers are already on Substack... Dispatch is reportedly making about $2 million a year ... there’s no canceling ... It’s possible that writers will bundle, with established writers promoting promising ones.

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