How do you measure a Filter Bubble?
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I spent a few minutes viewing the Twitter profiles of some of the people who've followed me recently and I was struck by how much of their TweetStreams were simply RTs of other people here in Brussels. Don't they have anything original to say?

Introducing the Brussels Bubble to some of its denizens (RTFB!, part 2; updated)

A while back I was invited to make a 10minute presentation to "Civil Society Day", held at the EESC. Kwinten Lambrecht asked me to upload the ppt, and others asked for followup links, hence this post.

Happy Birthday, BloggingPortal(?)

Apparently tomorrow - apart from being Australia Day - is BloggingPortal's 3rd birthday. What does it's state tell us about the EU Online Public Space? How many more friends can I lose anyway?

What "The Filter Bubble" means for the Brussels Bubble

"The Filter Bubble", by foreign policy director Eli Pariser, shows that the forces creating the Brussels Bubble are about to be reinforced by technology, operated invisibly - and with impunity - by a handful of companies.

Blogtour: The Hungarian Presidency opens up the Council (updated)

A few weeks before the Hungarian media storm broke late last year, the BloggingPortal editors were contacted by the (then upcoming) Hungarian Presidency team, seeking ideas for how they could cooperate with the Euroblogosphere. Being a loosely-at-best organised gang of volunteers, it took us a while to respond. To their immense credit...

Can EU social media scale to the EU?

A while ago I posted the idea that EUROPA could suffer if the EU Institution's limited online communications resources were refocused on social media. While social media offers the EU a great deal, this could be a serious problem, particularly given EUROPA's importance to any EU social media strategy. Commenters seemed to both agree and disagree...

The Brussels bubble may be growing, but it's still a bubble

A longer version of an article I published recently in NewEurope

Oh, so it's the media's fault noone likes the EU ...

Next week will see yet another physical meeting in Brussels dedicated to exploring the European public space, an irony which appears permanently lost to the organisers of the neverending stream of conferences, seminars and workshops which can be only attended by Brussels Bubble Insiders, and have neither webstreaming nor any online community (Euro…

Vacancies: Specialists required to build bridges

The lack of specialists in EU-oriented blogs is impeding the development of the European online public space.

(When) Does EU blogging matter?

A Twitter conversation betweentwo much-followed EU-oriented bloggers over the weekend caught my eye. I won't identify them as you need to follow them on Twitter to see their tweets.It started when one asked whether anyone out there"still thinks that blogging is in any way likely to have an impact ... why should anyone listen to us? We st…

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