Am I on the right Mastodon instance?
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My second post following my personal #twittermigration: "the other users on your instance create its collective intelligence — the nearest thing you have to a content discovery algorithm".Not that I like algorithms, but "Apart from hashtags, ,,, your server’s Local and Federated timelines [are your] primary discovery channels when y…

Europeans used to ignore their parliament. Not any longer
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I’ll never forget my first visit to the European parliament, in 1986.... Last week’s EU election results prove that since my first brush with European democracy, we’ve come a long way... I moved to Brussels in 1999... I regularly give lectures about European issues.

Creative, Local, Young: what do Europe's young superheroes need?
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A workshop proposal for EuroPCom 2018 with @albawhitewolf, Mike Galsworthy (@Scientists4EU) and the original Captain Europe, reposted to Facebook by popular demand.

Some thoughts on the crisis of liberalism—and how to fix it - Liberalism
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The most powerful engine of elitism is the European Union... Founding Fathers of Europe deliberately removed a great deal of decision-making from the hands of the (nation-bounded and short-sighted) public... Confronted with popular revolts against the rule of experts they have simply dug in their heels... For the EU, technocratic decision-making …

If your job consists of Tweeting for someone else, you owe it to yourself to think of something else in 2018
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“If your job consists of Tweeting for someone else, you owe it to yourself to think of something else in 2018. Particularly if you’re under 35."It’s early January, and so time to add to the slew of “What you should do in 2018” posts sloshing around the Net.

Learning from #EUSuperGirl & Luc van den Brande (Top3ics, December 2017)
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I’ve recently published five posts on three interrelated ideas, two projects one report and a workshop. That happened because the competition brought a Brussels Bubble Outsider to Brussels. Which happens to be one principle of the participation model I presented at the EWRC workshop. Full circle.

The EU Lobbyist's quick guide to Influencers
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The EU Lobbyist's quick guide to "influencers"

Does the Brussels Bubble care enough?
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Engaging Europeans with the EU requires a new Brussels Bubble culture - fourth of several posts written in reaction to Luc van den Brand’s Reaching out to EU Citizens: A New Opportunity.

There Really Was A Liberal Media Bubble
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Groupthink produced a failure of the “wisdom of crowds” and an underestimate of Trump’s chances... political experts aren’t a very diverse group and tend to place a lot of faith in the opinions of other experts and other members of the political establishment. Once a consensus view is established, it tends to reinforce itself ... Social media, esp…

How to measure political lobbying success in Brussels
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As a believer in the 80/20 principle, whenever I list out the key players involved in deciding on any piece of EU law, I come to around 500 men and women across Europe. Over time, around 100 of them are more heavily involved and influential, and the vital decisions are taken by about 20...

How Establishments Fall
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[leaders are] usually busy furiously making believe that there is no decline. Instead of leading societies out of decline (which is what they should be doing), they’re working night and day manufacturing (or luxuriously reclining in) what I’ll call Unreality Bubbles... intelligentsias manufacture unrealities in eras of decline because their positi…

Brussels: A town where nobody works
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nobody works in the Brussels Bubble. Sure, people go to conferences, click on clever PowerPoints and meet for coffees to strengthen their networks, look busy writing emails and may contribute to a paper or two if they can get a consensus in their organisation. But by work, I mean to actually make something. - Brussels: A town where nobody works…

An x-ray of Brussels lobbyists
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I developed a metric to identify gatekeepers, who increase your influence, and flak-catchers who reduce it. I tested the GREEDY FRAGILE algorithm developed by West Point for drone targeting decisions, which measures how much an individual participant in a network makes it more or less centralized. The results were fascinating. - An x-ray of Bru…

Reshuffling the Brussels Bubble: ‘Nerds, techies and lobbyists’
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"a study published by... transparency NGOs portrays an expert group system dominated by corporate interests and lacking in basic accountability in how members are appointed and who they actually represent ... over 25 percent of the groups it examined are controlled outright by corporate interests ... in 64 percent of the groups, business interests…

The birth of POLITICO Europe
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"The much fussed-over crisis in media isn’t the crisis of journalism. "Printing yesterday’s news on paper and slapping an ad on it — that’s a 19th-century formula, and in 2015 there are reporters and executives who are surprised the model isn’t working. The nostalgia for a past that was a very comfortable one at the beginning of our careers and so…

POLITICOEU buys European Voice (Press release)

"POLITICO and Axel Springer, the owners of the POLITICO joint venture in Europe, announced today that they have acquired EUROPEAN VOICE and will rebrand the respected Brussels publication as POLITICO in the spring of 2015." - POLITICO & Axel Springer Announce Joint Acquisition of European Voice - POLITICO Press Release

Politico’s Strategy for Europe: Overwhelming Force
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"... renamed European Voice ... a series of subscription-based newsletters à la Washington and a web site with free content. ... “Our subscriptions are with individuals, companies, trade associations, lobbyists, they’ve got a lot of money ... This is not news for your mother, unless you’re mother’s a lobbyist. Or your father, unless your father’s…

POLITICO details Europe venture

"The new publication, with a mission of "covering the politics, policies and personalities in the EU and the continent's most powerful nations," according to POLITICO C.E.O. Jim VandeHei, will take the flagship's model of high-volume politics and policy news and tailor it to a European audience through a combination of free digital content, a subs…

When will we get a RealClearEurope?
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"Readers spend a lot of time on RealClear's sites... because there's a seemingly endless amount of well-curated links to top publications writing about the big news stories of any given day... The result is a true smorgasbord of opinion, rather than a collection of links aimed at furthering a particular point of view... The expert level of curati…

Springer/Politico: 10 strategic challenges
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The first of 4 (so far!) posts on "PoliticoEU" by EurActiv's founder/publisher Christophe Leclercq: "This new attempt is by two large companies with a lot of money and with professional teams. A difference with some, but not all, previous attempts. And an asset but potentially also a curse, depending on answering 10 key questions." - EuRoman…

Will Politico fill a media void in Europe?
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"Politico is launching a European edition ... with ... Axel Springer... to cover “not just Brussels but European politics and policy more broadly,”" CJR sees a few problems ahead: "- the 28 member countries have distinct identities and interests, so a one-size-fits-all outlet does not necessarily fit anyone... - the European Union has no shared…

Why does this brilliant video remind me of the preponderance of arts graduates in the #bxlsbbl? It's really worth a look. And...

Why does this brilliant video remind me of the preponderance of arts graduates in the #bxlsbbl?It’s really worth a look. And then another one. The acting here is actually superb. Watch the Expert’s expression run the gamut from shock to resignation in just a few minutes! (that one took me 20 years…)- via LaughingSquid: The Exper…

A German journalist and camera crew have fun with the EP gravy train in "Scandale au Parlement Européen : Argent facile,...

FalseA German journalist and camera crew have fun with the EP gravy train in “Scandale au Parlement Européen : Argent facile, champagne à gogo et autres privilèges. This sort of film iseasy to make and so becoming commonplace. And people in the Brussels Bubble wonder why they are not so widely loved elsewhere?

Review: The Brussels Business
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via @bloggingportal. @poljourno finds no smoking gun: "... the European Union is still seen as a niche topic by the media in most EU member states. Ask the man on the street about the activities of the Brussels Bubble and you will also be met with a shrug and a ‘who cares’, in the majority of cases. But a fascinating documentary The Brussels Busi…

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