Proof of concept: AI-supported knowledge management
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A neural network to help web content authors efficiently and completely characterise their content using the site taxonomy. Accuracy improves with use.

FAQ: My Hub's been created. How do I get started?
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In 7 minutes you'll learn how to get your password, edit your about page and use the bookmarklet to start curating content to your Hub.

FAQ: What is, What is a Hub, and Who’s it for?
Card image is a platform for individuals and companies who care about content. You use it to create your Hub: an AI-powered, ad-free centre for your online presence.

Post-Alpha Feature: How does MyHub support my personal productivity?
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Behind the scenes, your Hub helps you extract the most value from the best content, rather than being drowned in a firehose of meh.

FAQ: How is free and without ads? What is your business model?
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MyHub is an ad-free, manipulation-free zone. Your privacy is 100% safe. How?

EU SuperGirl meets Luca Jahier
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The second meeting Madeleina Kay had was with Luca Jahier. It went longer, and the wifi cut out midway this time - see the 2nd part of this lovely chat.

Vlogging the EU Week of Regions & Cities

One of the vlogs I did at the EU Week of Regions & Cities with the winners of the #EUinmyRegion blogging competition I ran for the EC. All vlogs can be found in this Moment.

FAQ: Can I Publish in full on my Hub?
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Apart from using the bookmarklet to curate the Stuff you Like, Think and Do, you can publish full-length posts on your Hub.

FAQ: What are the Categories in the dropdown list, and how do I Manage them? (being upgraded)
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Your Hub’s navigation is a natural sentence - the 'navigation phrase'. The word “Everything” in it is the default choice from a dropdown list of Categories. Each is a bundle of tags, allowing you to organise your content in overlapping groups.

FAQ: What are Service Pages, and How do I Manage them? (soon to be deprecated)
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Each (optional) Service page not only sets out the Services you provide, it provides the stuff you Like, Think and Do relevant to that service, making it more useful to your audience.

FAQ: Why are your videos so cheap?

Because the alpha version of is self-financed. Thank Jennifer Baker (@BrusselsGeek) for the free voiceovers ;)

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