FAQ: What is MyHub.ai, What is a Hub, and Who’s it for?

FAQ: What is MyHub.ai, What is a Hub, and Who’s it for?

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MyHub.ai is a platform for people and companies who care about content. You use it to create your Hub: an AI-powered, ad-free, privacy-safe centre for your online presence.

Because there are no ads, you are not the product. Cue obligatory video...

(Voiceover by the lovely Jennifer Baker, @BrusselsGeek)

All the Stuff you Like, Think and Do in one place

If you check out my example Hub, you’ll see that it brings three types of content together in one place:

  • Stuff I Like: content you curate for yourself and your audience with the click of a button.
  • Stuff I Think: if you blog, you probably publish on platforms like Medium or LinkedIn. While blog posts are supposed to be valuable for years, these platforms treat them like status updates. If you've ever tried browsing your Linkedin or Medium posts by subject, you know the problem: how can your audience find what you wrote that interests them if all they see is a feed of updates, organised by time, interspersed by ads?
    By curating your posts onto your Hub as Stuff you Think, people will find your posts when they look for what interests them, alongside the Stuff you Like (above) and the Stuff you Do (next). You can also post in full on your Hub if you wish.
  • Stuff I Do, aka your professional portfolio. Again, today’s platforms make it hard for your audience – including potential clients - to find What You Do by subject. And again, your Hub can point to your work around the web, or can host your own descriptions. They're also complemented by Service Pages.

All this content is tagged for you by MyHub’s AI engine (you can edit these tags anytime). Using the Hub’s innovative interface, your audience can easily discover what you Like, Think and Do about whatever interests them.

you help your audience by curating good content of interest to them... and present what you Think and Do right alongside it

That’s why it’s content marketing nirvana: not only do you help your audience by curating good content of interest to them, you get to present what you Think and Do alongside it.

It’s the centre of your online world. That’s why I call it a Hub.

And behind the scenes, it boosts your productivity by supporting your personal content strategy, helping ensure you extract the most value from the best content, rather than being drowned in a firehose of meh.

MyHub.ai is currently in Alpha, so sign up to get yourname.myhub.ai.


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