Customizing GPT-3 for Your Application
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"fine-tune GPT-3 on their own data, creating a custom version tailored to their application" improving reliability for more use cases and making the model cheaper and faster. Any dataset of any shape or size, plus "incrementally add data based on user feedback... less than 100 examples to start seeing the benefits ... doubling the n…

Taking Virtual Reality for a Test Drive | The New Yorker
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Although V.R. has not been as lucrative as entertainment companies had hoped, the medium is used a lot in the military (flight and battlefield simulations), business training... health care (preoperative mapping, virtual cadavers... treat P.T.S.D. and phobias... transformed pornography... Independent creators and developers aren’t making their mon…

You Should Work Less Hours—Darwin Did
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Many famous scientists have something in common—they didn’t work long hours... lives were full and memorable, their work was prodigious, and yet their days are also filled with downtime... great students didn’t just practice more than the average, they practiced more deliberately... engaging with full concentration in a special activity to improv…

An effective communications strategy must be connected to other strategies
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An effective communications strategy must be connected to other strategies, usually managed by different departments. Reframing it as central to your organisation’s innovation strategy helps sidestep turf wars. 

My EuroComm2016 Rapido on the Future of Communications
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What happened when I was invited to “do a Rápido” at the IABC’s conference in Rotterdam earlier this week.

Mentorship died in the 21st century
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many urban children face a lot of challenges ... they have courage and persistence and quickly get back on their feet after setbacks. Urban kids have grit by the boatload — and with the right tools and encouragement, grit will turn these young people into a wellspring of talent in the future.” we need this talent. We need new ideas, new approac…

The (Free) Crash Course in Social Media You Need to Land Your Next Job | Ryan Holmes | LinkedIn

the skills gap is an education problem .. we’re not preparing our future workforce ... although millennials collectively hold more college degrees than any preceding generation, they face record unemployment rates - The (Free) Crash Course in Social Media You Need to Land Your Next Job | Ryan Holmes | LinkedIn

The social media manager is dead. Long live social media

The bandwagon effect about the plague of social media experts seems to be coming to a close, at least in corporate USA

BBC Academy: Investigative journalism
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"some of the BBC’s most experienced investigative reporters explain how they find and tell their stories." Access to the BBC Academy's College of Journalism website is free to everyone in the UK and commercially available overseas

Learn Google Analytics: new, free online course

"This is the first course in Google's newly launched Analytics Academy -- which will feature a variety of self-paced video lessons. The course includes 22 video lessons, each 3-10 minutes long, and provides learning activities. Google estimates this course will take a total of 4-6 hours to complete. The first three units of this course cover indu…

Improve your Digital Analytics Skills with Google’s Analytics Academy - Analytics Blog
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"That’s why today we’re excited to announce Analytics Academy -- a new hub for you and your colleagues to participate in free, online, community-based video courses about digital analytics and Google Analytics. With Analytics Academy, we aim to provide you with a guided learning experience to become an analytics expert in no time. Our first cours…

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