Newsrooms are finally focusing on loyalty over pageviews. Here’s how to actually measure it. – Poynter
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we need to lock on our analytics to the people who willfully return to our work... There’s no one single metric that tells you how loyal... your audience is.... The Center for Cooperative Media ... audience explorer dashboard... plugs into Google Analytics... splits audiences into “Brand Lovers,” “Prospective Loyalists” and “Casual,”... free and e…

The Google Analytics Add-On for Sheets: An Intro
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everything one needs to know about ... the Google Analytics add-on for Google Sheets.... value-add to a reporting workflow is that it’s extremely flexible, reliable, and a real time-saver... allows you to: Pull any data that you’d be able to access in the Analytics API (i.e analytics.google.com) directly into a spreadsheet...

An absolute beginner’s guide to setting up Google Analytics
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Our beginner’s guide to Google Analytics teaches you how to set up an account that is linked to your site and recommends a few basic metrics to look at.

How to Use Google Analytics Custom Segments, Reports and Dashboards
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"Google Analytics lets you create custom segments, dashboards and reports to find the information that’s most relevant ..." - How to Use Google Analytics Custom Segments, Reports and Dashboards | Social Media Examiner

Learn Google Analytics: new, free online course

"This is the first course in Google's newly launched Analytics Academy -- which will feature a variety of self-paced video lessons. The course includes 22 video lessons, each 3-10 minutes long, and provides learning activities. Google estimates this course will take a total of 4-6 hours to complete. The first three units of this course cover indu…

Improve your Digital Analytics Skills with Google’s Analytics Academy - Analytics Blog
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"That’s why today we’re excited to announce Analytics Academy -- a new hub for you and your colleagues to participate in free, online, community-based video courses about digital analytics and Google Analytics. With Analytics Academy, we aim to provide you with a guided learning experience to become an analytics expert in no time. Our first cours…

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