Selecting the right KPIs for your company.
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you could ... end up ... drowning in an ocean of data... your KPIs that hold the key to identifying and introducing improvements ... general principles ... when selecting the right KPIs....certain common KPIs ... pageviews per user, page bounce rate or average time users spend ... keep your list short and sweet... Web analytics works best when i…

5 tips for using analytics in the newsroom
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some advice on how to best approach analytics in the newsroom, helping journalists improve the quality of their content, and a build larger, more engaged readership. Here are five key takeaways

Beyond the numbers: How to make analytics matter in your newsroom
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How do you make analytics interesting and useful for a newsroom?... When the Missourian was able to integrate the new digital analytics platform Parse.ly into its analytics reporting, we saw an opportunity to make significant changes to the report going to the newsroom every week.

Editorial analytics: news organisations embracing analytics and metrics, but most have far to go | Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism
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News organisations are increasingly embracing the use of analytics and metrics as part of editorial decision making, but what constitutes a sophisticated analytics strategy?... A new report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism looks at which organisations are building a competitive advantage over less advanced competitors through a…

About Media Cloud

Media Cloud... is an open source, open data platform that allows researchers to answer complex quantitative and qualitative questions about the content of online media... by collecting and analyzing the news stream of tens of thousands of online sources.... academic researchers, journalism critics, policy advocates, media scholars, and others c…

A Beginner's Guide to Social Media Analytics
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"There is a danger in asking the wrong question ... you’ll probably get the right answer for the question you’re asking, but it’s not going to be the right answer for the question you really needed to ask. " - A Beginner's Guide to Social Media Analytics | Amy Vernon | Ochen

Semantic Analytics: Track Performance of Structured Data
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"Through applying semantic markup to our site, we've embedded an incredibly rich layer of meaningful data in our code.... but don't let the search engines have all the fun; we can use that data, too. By looking at the semantic markup on any given page, we can see what type of "entity" we're looking at ... and its attributes or properties. If we c…

conTEXT -- Lightweight Text Analytics using Linked Data

experimenting with this for the bloggingportal reboot

So @LinkedIn blogs are public after all. Shame about the analytics

LinkedIn posts are open to the public, even those not in your LinkedIn network, so you end up with a public blog page, over which you have no control.

From Nieman Reports: Detecting threads of Chinese government propaganda over time » Nieman Journalism Lab

"“Fished out of the shadows, old news coverage in China’s media can provide clues to the family connections of government officials as reporters investigate their financial dealings.”"

Plan Your Content Based on Data
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"I still catch myself thinking I know better than the wealth of data at my fingertips. That’s not to say your intuition and savvy as a marketer aren’t valuable. You need both. ... take a holistic look back at what worked well, what didn’t, and what you can double down on in the year to come." - Year End Analysis: How to Plan Your Content Based o…

Today, try to avoid killing your client

Great advice for web data analysis everywhere: "We don’t live in a perfect world. Vague requests are going to get floated. ... that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recognize and strive to minimize how often that happens. Here’s how: - Condition yourself to go to full alert whenever the word “interesting” is used ... - probe for clarification as much …

Improve your Digital Analytics Skills with Google’s Analytics Academy - Analytics Blog
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"That’s why today we’re excited to announce Analytics Academy -- a new hub for you and your colleagues to participate in free, online, community-based video courses about digital analytics and Google Analytics. With Analytics Academy, we aim to provide you with a guided learning experience to become an analytics expert in no time. Our first cours…

Can Social Media Make Customers More Civilized?
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"The entwined rise of Big Data and predictive analytics virtually guarantees that — just as structured and semi-structured data are being fused — informal gossip and formal ratings systems will be collected, correlated, and converted into business rules designed to make badly-behaved customers pay more or go away." Interesting insight into an upc…

Study: Hashtags are a turn-off on Facebook, reducing the viral reach of posts - The Next Web
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"A recent study by Facebook analytics service EdgeRank Checker states that posts with hashtags do not have as great of reach than those without."

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