Join me for a Hangout on Air with three online community experts

Join me for a Hangout on Air with three online community experts

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Apart from the Online Hangout (24 September, 16h30 CET), a new online community just opened for public sector communicators across Europe.

In preparation for my EuroPCom workshop on online communities next month, one of my speakers (Steve Clift, aka @democracy and a White House Champion of Change for Open Government) and I are getting together for a live Hangout this Thursday (24 September, 16h30 CET). We'll be joined by two experts from Knowledge Hub: Liz Copeland (Customer Insight & Engagement Manager) and Michael Norton (Digital Community & Knowledge Manager), so apart from discussing online communities for the public sector in general, we'll be able to source relevant best practices from across K-Hub (see disclaimer, below). And you are welcome to join us.

Key links:

Public Sector Communicators Group now open

I've also set up "Public Sector Communications", a dedicated Knowledge Hub Group, to help all EuroPCom speakers work together on their presentations, and get ideas, questions and more from attendees beforehand. The idea is to create an online counterpart to EuroPCom, where public sector communications, participation and community experts across Europe can share ideas and best practices before, during and after the actual conference.

It's not officially affiliated to EuroPCom. However the organiser's a member, and is inviting all speakers and attendees to join this week. Membership is not limited to EuroPCom attendees, however, so why not take a look? We picked up over a dozen Members while in beta testing, including:

Key links:  

  • the two other speakers at my workshop (Olivia Butterworth, NHSCitizen, and Christel Vacelet, European Schoolnet),
  • EuroPCom speakers like Alberto Alemanno (speaking at 'How to Lobby for EU Democracy'), Charlélie Jourdan ('Images that tell a story'), Thibault Lesenecal ('Coping with Online Criticism'),
  • others not connected with EuroPCom, like Darren Caveney ("Comms2point0") and Simon Fenton-Jones.
  • Join Knowledge Hubs
  • then join "Public Sector Communications" Group

[Disclosure: Knowledge Hub ("K-Hub") is a platform for public service collaboration, created originally a decade ago by the UK's Local Government Authority) with 110,000+ active members. They've engaged me for a few days pre-conference to manage the "Public Sector Communications" Group, but I only accepted because I think it rocks. My views remain my own, as future posts will show.]

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