Wiki as a Commons | Gordon Brander

Wikis are like Minecraft for thought — very simple, very open-ended... can generate complex living systems, from personal notes, to collaborative fansites, to Wikipedia.While open-ended, there's scarcity: there can be only one page for each name, forcing "negotiation, communal norms, communal goals, communal meanings... Open-ended meanin…

Featured visualizations of Wikipedia
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a collection of our favorite visualizations, infographics, and other projects built on open data from Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects

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Approach to visualising Wikipedia category pages and their interconnections.

Why Wikipedia beats Wikinews as a collaborative journalism project » Nieman Journalism Lab

why Wikipedia has been a more successful news source than Wikinews... Wikipedia’s formulaic style and continuous format are more conducive to collaborative writing projects ... writing a news story with a lead, a coherent narrative, and a deadline is very different than writing an encyclopedia article...tension between the Wikipedia community... …

Building a More Honest Internet - Columbia Journalism Review
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In the US, radio began as a free-market free-for-all. More than five hundred radio stations sprang up in less than a decade to explore the possibilities... 40 percent were noncommercial... network of interlinked stations playing local and national content supported by local and national advertising, became dominant players...Soviet Union... ideolo…

Can Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales fix the news?
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Wales wants to bring the power of the Wiki community and the wisdom of crowds to bear on the media business by creating a hybrid model... local community members can help direct the work of WikiTribune journalists when such events occur, suggesting avenues to explore and co-creating a more permanent news resource that will serve a longer-term comm…

Considering 2030: Misinformation, verification, and propaganda
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What will misinformation look like in 2030? The full report... includes some ideas for how Wikipedia can fight “misinformation and censorship...:

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