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Can Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales fix the news?

Can Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales fix the news?

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Wales wants to bring the power of the Wiki community and the wisdom of crowds to bear on the media business by creating a hybrid model... local community members can help direct the work of WikiTribune journalists when such events occur, suggesting avenues to explore and co-creating a more permanent news resource that will serve a longer-term communal purpose...
pure citizen journalism models ... tend to hit a wall... experienced journalists are needed to direct resources, pursue investigations, meet and cultivate sources, and edit copy... the distributed knowledge of the crowd can play a more effective role than the small journalistic core....
the Wikipedia community’s uncanny ability to sniff out fake news almost instantly... WikiTribune’s ability to sift news for its veracity and present it in a professional way will prove its distinctive edge... potential readers to pay for this new form of journalism through donations... If a community of readers wants a particular issue addressed, WikiTribune may hire a journalist to deepen coverage...
hopeful that WikiTribune will be able to create a “safe space” where readers and journalists can have conversations in good faith and co-create insightful content... Will the community improve or vandalise my copy?

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