The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral | Hapgood

I suspect this will be a canonical text for me moving forward with Caulfield in 2015, when my first hub was only about 2 years old, had also "been experimenting with another form of social media called federated wiki... instead of blogging and tweeting your experience you wiki’d it. And over time the wiki became a representation…

This morning, I became a founding member of Medium
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Instagram, Facebook, virtually all news sites… their MO is to keep you on their website for as long as possible... advertisers love  eyeballs.... The scrolling keeps us going... a gravitational force field... takes a lot of energy to escape...premium Medium isn’t an endless feed... It isn’t about keeping us on the website or the app as long as pos…

The tool we built to keep everyone in the loop at Basecamp — Signal v. Noise — Medium
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The hard part is striking the right balance. The just-right spot where everyone knows enough, no one feels like they know too little, and no one feels like they’re being over-informed to the point of it being annoying or distracting. And doing it all at a variety of resolutions — big picture, medium-picture, and small picture — without overdoing i…

Is group chat making you sweat?
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What we’ve learned is that group chat used sparingly in a few very specific situations makes a lot of sense. What makes a lot less sense is chat as the primary, default method of communication inside an organization.... All sorts of eventual bad happens when a company begins thinking one-line-at-a-time most of the time... Frazzled, exhausted, and …

The Future of the Internet Is Flow
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Lifestream unified our digital life: Each new document, email, bookmark or video became a bead threaded onto a single wire in the Cloud, in order of arrival...Whenever you add a bead to the lifestream, you specify who may see it... Your future home page is a bouquet of your favorite streams ... News streams blended with shopping streams, blogs,…

Welcome to River4

Every news organization, or company with a community should be running a river.

The Web We Have to Save
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The rich, diverse, free web that I loved - and spent years in an Iranian jail for - is dying.Why is nobody stopping it?... The hyperlink was my currency six years ago... represented the open, interconnected spirit of the world wide web ... a way to abandon centralization ... and replace them with something more distributed, a system of nodes an…

The REAL reason Slack became a billion dollar company
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"Slack is just another stream ... of continuous information that you have to follow. I remembered I found it distractive and stressful because it was so easy to miss out on stuff.... This is what drives Slacks’ success. Because if you don’t follow Slack all the time you do not and cannot take part in the conversation with your team members anym…

The Amazing, Shrinking Org Chart
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"we have slipped into a new era in which volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity have grown dramatically, to the point that companies that are moving fast enough to thrive in our postnormal times must let go of the crutch of top-to-bottom situational analysis... The organization chart is shrinking because we are slowly recognizing wh…

Gardens, Not Grave
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At last, someone else using gardening metaphors when discussing content strategy & information architecture: "The stream—that great glut of ideas, opinions, updates, and ephemera that pours through us every day—is the dominant way we organize content.... Problem is, the stream’s emphasis on the new above all else imposes a short lifespan on conte…

Proof: why longform content rocks

One of the reasons I created this Tumblr was to use it as a 'first draft’ of a Content Hub (see post), an idea which crystallised after reading Sloan’s original content strategy piece on Stock and Flow.The Hub is basically my way of saying that there’s more to life than the Stream. Unsurprisingly, Alexis Madrigal’s piece in the Atlantic caugh…

Don’t Let Paper Paradigms Drive Your Digital Strategy
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we are headed into the fourth phase of social media... will see streams become primary design elements of operating systems for computing and mobile devices... all media types will be resolved in place, in the stream

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