Don’t just Build a Second Brain: share (part of) it
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I’m exploring how could become a unique hybrid of personal publishing and productivity tools by launching a newsletter powered by Zettelkasten knowledge and idea management, all hosted on my Hub.

Idea Drop | Idea Management Software
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Use the brightest ideas from your people to grow your business faster. ... Idea Drop is smart and intuitive idea management software.

Why I Write on Medium
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"Networks are pretty good for collisions. Bureaucracies are pretty bad for collisions." - Why I Write on Medium — The Message — Medium

Sidestepping cognitive biases in group design activities
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If you ever wondered why meetings so often lead to the wrong decision ... "... we are wired in certain ways ... that can block groups from processing information effectively, which leads to bad decisions... Gilbert explains how to use diversity and inclusion to get better results from product ideation efforts... One of the most fundamental …

9 Time Saving Writing Tools for Content Marketers
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Of them all, I particularly like the look of Write Or Die, Wridea & StayFocused, which possibly says more about me than my 5 latest blog posts combined: "These tools will not only provide you with a way to write down your ideas whenever they hit you, but will also enable you to organize your time better and start writing more content through a re…

Help me support @ideas

"Ideas represent possibilities for alternate futures. But, ideas are a commodity ... concepts until they’re brought to life. And that takes ... courage, passion, and resilience... Ideapod creates a creative community where people and ideas come together. And by together, I mean we invest in and build an active community where ideas and engagemen…

Ideation: List and Paint your Ideas
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Enjoying this excellent guide to ideation by Krysta Curtis. Something for the weekend: admit it, you won't have time for this much fun during the week: - Paint-by-Idea — Medium

Why Your Innovation Contest Won't Work - Tim Kastelle - Harvard Business Review
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"Innovation is the process of idea management - so, yes, you need great ideas to innovate, but that is only part of it. You also need to be able to select ideas. Once you've done that, you need the ability to execute them. While all this is going on, you have to keep people inside your organization enthusiastic about the ideas. And at the end …

Want a Viral Hit? Here Is an Inside Look at Our Ideation Process - Moz
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"the process we use here at Fractl to come up with ideas that we feel confident will find viral success. "

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