Google Search's AI is (or should be) about cognitive load
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"Web search ... more like a rummage sale. Your chance of finding an item that addresses your specific issue... is pretty low. You’re not walking into a custom tailor. You’re in the thrift shop... seeing if you can put something together. Some sewing may be required."This, of course, "is mentally taxing", so either they skim, ad…

Using ChatGPT to extract intelligent insights from multiple documents

"“Document Search Chatbot” ... field common questions (FAQ’s) based on the content of several documents.... Azure Search to extract and rank key highlights from a set of text documents based on a user query. This user query and Azure Search results are then passed to OpenAI to be interpreted and formatted into a chat based response..."Wh…

Bing Is a Liar—and It’s Ready to Call the Cops
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When James West "joined a small wave of users granted early access" to the new Bing (I'll call and tag it "BingGPT"), powered by the same LLM behind ChatGPT, which is "a great party trick ... powerful work tool, capable of jumpstarting creativity, automating mundane tasks", he soon "noticed strange inconsist…

Everyone's having a field day with ChatGPT – but nobody knows how it actually works
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Is ChatGPT creator OpenAI "a potential Google slayer. Why look up something on a search engine when ChatGPT can write a whole paragraph explaining the answer?" It's very capable, but "struggles to distinguish between truth and falsehood... often a persuasive liar... a bit like autocomplete on your phone... trained on pretty muc…

"All the" tweak live, more to come

We've tweaked the navigation phrase so that the default is to show "All the" resources on your home page, rather than just "The Best". More tweaks are on the way.

The Future of Search Is Boutique | Future
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Basically this piece starts to unpack for me my ideas of what millions of Hubs networked together and processed by AI would offer the world in terms of content discovery:With "tools like Notion, Airtable, and Readwise ... people are aggregating content ... reviving the curated web. But at the moment these are mostly solo affairs... fragmented…

Open Semantic Search: Your own search engine for documents, images, tables, files, intranet & news
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Free Software for your own Search Engine, Explorer of large document collections, Media Monitoring, Text Analytics, Document Analysis & Text Mining platform based on Apache Solr or Elasticsearch ... and Open Standards for Linked Data, Semantic Web & Linked Open Data integration

YANSS 063 – How search engines make us feel smarter than we really are – You Are Not So Smart
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Habitual googling leads us to mistakenly believe we know more than we actually do ... even when we no longer have access to the internet. The more you use Google, it seems, the smarter you feel without it...

Are your Google search results another kind of filter bubble? The answer seems to be: Kind of
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Approximately 1–3% of users in the sample get these ‘very different’ results when searching for the query terms. Perhaps less headline-grabbing than fake news in this regard are special interest and lifestyle media, which feature heavily in the personalized results. I think we need more research on the relevance of these sources for political comm…

Introducing Jelly, A New Search Engine
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Technology is superior when humanity is woven into its DNA. I’m newly fond of saying, “Everyone is working on Artificial Intelligence, what about just, Intelligence?” Jelly sprung from the question, “What would search look like if it were created today?” We knew mobility and good old, human experience would be defining factors.... Enter your quest…

AI Is Transforming Google Search. The Rest of the Web Is Next
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Artificial intelligence is the future of Google Search, and if it’s the future of Google Search, it’s the future of so much more... with its head of AI taking over search, the company seems to believe this is the way forward.

The Superhuman Guide to Twitter Advanced Search: 23 Hidden Ways
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Twitter has an amazing, yet somewhat little-known Advanced Search tool to help you find exactly what we’re looking for. Looking to find your next customers? ... Want to measure the happiness of your current customers? Advanced Search is what you need... some top tips and tricks to help your business win with Twitter Advanced Search. - The Su…

How Google Could Rig the 2016 Election
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... or any election, opinion poll ... "Google has amassed far more power to control elections and ... a wide variety of opinions and beliefs... easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more—up to 80 percent in some demographic groups—with virtually no one knowing they are being manipulated.. In the United …

I’ve seen the new face of Search, and it ain’t Google
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It is a Text message... Imagine if in real life, someone would ask you a question, and your reply would be — here, the answer would be inside these 10 links.... - I’ve seen the new face of Search, and it ain’t Google. | Alex Iskold

Menus vs. Search: Answered(?)

"With 95% confidence we conclude that an increase in ranking “the intranet search helps me find the information I need” results in a higher valuation of the respondents intranet as a whole. The impact for the same question related to menus was statistically insignificant." Not quite the deathknell for information architects and resellers of stic…

Adding contextual power to search
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Start preparing your content now... "Context-aware software for smartphones is all the rage ... Twitter bought Android home screen startup Cover, Apple bought smart assistant Cue, Yahoo bought Cover competitor Aviate, and of course Google pioneered the field ... with its Google Now service." - This is what comes after search – Quartz Combined w…

Great example of semantic web in action
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"you could call this a “decision engine” ... Vurb’s goal is to dig actionable information out and present it all on the same page. " - Vurb’s Contextual Search Engine Blows Away Those Stupid Lists Of Links | TechCrunch I wrote years ago of the power the semantic web offers EC programmes, who should be able to get their beneficiaries to publish t…

Redesigning IMDB
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Particularly liked the approach to Search: "We wanted the search page to display in overlay on the page and that, every time we start typing something, the live search bar would return on-the-go results clustered in groups." - Redesigning IMDB — Creative, Product Design, Design Idea — Medium

eDiscovery by SearchBlox
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"Concept search allows users to specify a concept and documents that describe that concept to be returned as the search results. It is a technique to identify potentially relevant documents when a set of keywords are not known in advance. SearchBlox uses text clustering, which is a technology that analyzes a document collection and organizes the d…

twXplorer: smarter way to search Twitter

enter search terms to see snapshot of related activity in the latest 500 tweets. TwXplorer will break down the most common terms, hashtags, and links for you to filter and drill down further." An API would be awesome.

FAQ: How does my Hub’s search and browse work?
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Hubs help your visitors easily find the content they're interested in. Your Hub's Homepage shows "All the Stuff you Like, Think and Do about Everything, Anytime...": - ie everything. Your visitors can alter that 'navigation phrase' to find what they want.

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