FAQ: How does my Hub’s search and browse work?

FAQ: How does my Hub’s search and browse work?

As you can see from my example, Hubs help your visitors easily find the content they're interested in:

Default Home page: The Best Stuff

Your Hub Homepage by default shows "The Best Stuff you Like, Think and Do about Everything, Anytime...": - ie the latest content you've Highlighted:

  • Simply add a star to Highlight any item, and it'll appear on your Home
  • Visitors can easily change '"The Best" to "All the" to see all your content, rather than just your Highlights

Your vistors can choose to:

... focus only on the Type

There are three Types of content on a Hub:

  • Stuff You Do (your portfolio)
  • Stuff You Think (your blog posts, wherever they're published)
  • Stuff you Like (content you've curated, and recommend they read)

Visitors simply click the word to (de)activate it.

... and/or browse by Category

In the navigation phrase, the word "Everything" is a dropdown: visitors click to discover Stuff you Like, Think and Do by Category:

  • You define each Category as a bundle of tags
  • Content with one of those tags will appear in the Category.

... and then refine the search further

Visitors can:

  • combine the above - eg browsing only 'Stuff you Do' about just one Category
  • and/or apply any of the Related Tags, listed under ‘Refine’, left
  • and/or refine by Time - ie, by when you Hubbed the content

Your Visitors can also search

Afer entering a search term (eg "authenticity"), users see "All the Stuff I Like or Do or Think containing authenticity, Anytime".

They can then refine those search results further: by Like/Do/Think, and/or by Related Tags, and/or by Time.

Your vistors will discover your Services

Users discover, alongside their search results, any related Services you offer (see FAQ: what are Service Pages?)

All collections of Stuff are easy to share

Just copy the URL (address)- for example, here's The Best Stuff I Like or Think (but not Do) tagged media, this year.

Each collection also has its own RSS feed: see FAQ: Does MyHub.ai support RSS?

More sharing tools (social, enewsletter, chatbot) may be developed later - see FAQ: What will the Beta version feature? And beyond that?


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