"All the" tweak live, more to come

We recently tweaked the navigation phrase so that the default is to show "All the" resources on your home page, rather than just "The Best".

This is in response to the many Hub editors who had no bookmarks to import, and so faced what one of them called "Empty Hub Syndrome" - unless you had already Highlighted some resources, visitors to your Hub were faced with an empty page.

As a result FAQ: Why is my Home Page empty? is now deprecated, while FAQ: How does my Hub’s search and browse work? has been updated.

More changes on the way

This is the first in a small set of tweaks we have embarked on in response to feedback. We're adding a 'share tool' next to the navigation phrase, and a 'search tag' field in the filtering tool on the left hand side.

The other tweaks all concern 'Service Pages' (see FAQ: What are Service Pages, and How do I Manage them?) which appear wherever relevant in the left hand side, and the Categories which appear in the navigation phrase's dropdown list (see FAQ: What are the Categories in the dropdown list, and how do I Manage them?).

Essentially, we'll merge them and call them Overviews, as explained in FAQ: What's a Zettelkasten Overview? Overviews, like Service pages, will combine a basic page and a search result of selected resources. Categories will disappear: instead, you will be able to put some or all Overviews in the navigation phrase's dropdown list. Like Service pages, Overviews will also appear where relevant in the left hand side.

We may also make Overviews themselves searchable, and create an 'All Overviews' page, but first we'll see how these changes pan out.

More news via the newsletter when these changes go live.

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