Know Your Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done”
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"To create offerings that people truly want to buy... home in on the job the customer is trying to get done... Jobs are multifaceted... never simply about function... powerful social and emotional dimensions... the circumstances in which customers try to do them are more critical than any buyer characteristics" - so identify jobs curren…

Position, Position, Position! - Signal v. Noise
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"Focusing on individual features and experiences is good, but you should never forget about the position you’re trying to hold." Know "Which problems are good fits for you and which ones are bad fits?" so you don't build features for problems which are incoherent with your position.Snickers can’t take a feature request to …

No more user stories! There are jobs to be done - The Startup - Medium
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don’t sell products and services to customers, but rather try to help people address their jobs to be done... most of the masses of customer data companies create is structured to show correlations... is taking companies in the wrong direction...home in on ... what the customer hopes to accomplish... the job to be done... When we buy a product, we…

How to apply the Jobs-to-be-done methodology to web design

The Jobs-to-be-done methodology helps you focus on the job that the user wants done rather than who and how... First, we take the Persona out of the picture and instead add context. Then we focus on the motivation (i.e, answering the why). It gives us clarity to the whole situation and helps us be more creative in designing a solution.

Jobs to be Done
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Conventional marketing techniques teach us to frame customers by attributes... ultimately create products and entire categories too focused on what companies want to sell, rather than on what customers actually need... Customers rarely make buying decisions around what the “average” customer in their category may do—but they often buy things becau…

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