This is what filter bubbles actually look like - MIT Technology Review
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societies have experienced extremism and fragmentation without the assistance of Silicon Valley for centuries... So just how responsible is the internet for today’s divisions? In this Twitter map... of the US political landscape, accounts that follow one another are clustered together, and they are color-coded by the kinds of content they commonly…

How Twitter Bots and Trump Fans Made #ReleaseTheMemo Go Viral - POLITICO Magazine
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The vote marked the culmination of a targeted, 11-day information operation that was amplified by computational propaganda techniques and aimed to change both public perceptions and the behavior of American lawmakers...Computational propaganda... the use of [ICTs] to manipulate perceptions, affect cognition, and influence behavior”... #releaset…

How Twitter Users Can Generate Better Ideas
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Jobs instructed the architect to design physical space that encouraged staff to get out of their offices and mingle, particularly with those with whom they normally wouldn’t interact. Jobs believed that serendipitous exchanges fueled innovation... The more diverse a person’s social network, the more likely that person is to be innovative... we use…

Twitter Moments: Content Guidelines
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Moments surface the best of what’s happening on Twitter... What you see on Twitter is what’s happening in the world. What follows are the standards and guidelines for creating Moments that we as a Twitter curation team follow. - Twitter Moments: Content Guidelines | About

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