Even LinkedIn Is Overrun by Influencers | Index
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This article absolutely nails why I can't stand LinkedIn anymore, describing the site as completely performative, and the "LinkedIn newsfeed ... as a vast wasteland... almost entirely filled with marketing gurus, salespeople talking sales, and recruiters and “career coaches” offering the same job search tips over and over".Why? Beca…

Feeling Stuck on Twitter and Facebook? So Is Everyone Else. - The New York Times
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Common complaints about social media platforms "sound contradictory. They’re:accelerators for extremism that simultaneously uphold suffocating consensuswastes of attention and should play a smaller role in people’s lives; however, they also need to be improved, refined and purged of bad actors, advanced surveillance machines ... routinely s…

Why every blog post should be crossposted to LinkedIn and Medium
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While most the activity on LinkedIn occurred within the first 24 hours after posting, Medium was more of a slow burn... led to shares from outside networks. Of the 1,500 views of my article, 500 came from Facebook, 400 from email, and nearly 300 from Twitter... For years, we’ve been warned away from such tactics... in a world in which Facebook …

Elevate: LinkedIn's new App
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"... suggests articles to its users ... and then lets users schedule and share those links across LinkedIn and Twitter... [aimed at] marketing professionals... with story suggestions letting them stay active even when they have no links of their own to share, and analytics ... create specific topic areas to track ... also coopting a company’s la…

"Why I Just Quit Facebook"

Unsurprising that LinkedIn promoted this post.... the comments rapidly turned into an interesting conversation on Linkedin v. Facebook... people seem to comment more on LinkedIn posts than elsewhere. Perhaps the return of blogging that people are starting to talk about is next.

Just don’t call it a blog
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"Because blogging isn’t new and hip, many people dismiss this form of content as less effective.... Blogging is a great front door for any individual or organization because it is real estate that you can own.... Contrast that with social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and G+. All are good, but you will never own your real estate the…

Is that Gallup'Report 'Deeply Flawed'?
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"Gallup's State of the American Consumer ... appears flawed on multiple levels... based on surveys performed back in December 2012 and January 2013... a virtual lifetime ago... [moreover] "You don't poll consumers whether advertisements or marketing make them buy stuff. People will always say, 'No, I am not influenced... It's not an objective in…

How LinkedIn Can Hurt Your Business
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How's (y)our LinkedIn strategy? "Bob runs a local business and was fired by a new customer... The customer had decided to review the LinkedIn profiles of Bob and his staff. As it turns out, there were mixed messages being presented and the nature and quality of Bob’s business came into question." - A Story About How LinkedIn Can Hurt Your B…

Blogging on LinkedIn, or Paying on Facebook?
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Since trying and half-rejecting Google+ and Tumblr, I’ve been accepted as a LinkedIn blogger. At least I never bothered with Facebook…. I learnt the hard way just how Faustian the bargain is ... A few months later, Facebook’s updates its algorithm and proves my point in spectacular style…

LinkedIn Blogs: What Marketers Need to Know
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"Stephanie shares how marketers can make the most out of the LinkedIn publishing platform." - LinkedIn Publishing Platform: What Marketers Need to Know | Social Media Examiner

9 Ways Social Media Marketing Will Change in 2014
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Points 4 & 8 my favourites: "4. LinkedIn will become the most important publisher. LinkedIn will become a premium destination for industry news, and you need to take part in that ecosystem early and often. Publish original content, network among peers in groups and raise your profile now." 8. Interactive content will trump static content. Expect…

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