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focusing exclusively on ad hoc solutions — suspending the harassing account, deplatforming the white supremacist group... won’t address the reasons the waste got there in the first place... if we don’t begin to shift our mindset to ... an ethics of responsibility... we cannot begin to act differently...challenging the assumptions ... enshrined wit…

Internet Deception Is Here to Stay—So What Do We Do Now? | WIRED
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It was 2010 and techno-optimism was surging... Pew Research Center ... asking 895 leading technologists, researchers, and critics for predictions of what the internet-connected world of 2020 would look like... 85 percent of respondents agreed that the “social benefits of internet use will far outweigh the negatives over the next decade,”...Flaws e…

The Infopocalypse – umair haque – Medium
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undoing radicalization is not as simple as filling people’s heads with “accurate” facts. A radicalized person will not — cannot — accept them... you need to first make the radicalized person... capable of not feeling threatened, unsafe, and wounded ... It’s very, very hard. It takes social bonds to be restored somehow — oft through therapy, educat…

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