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Bundle Magic - Divinations

Bundle Magic - Divinations

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It’s not obvious why bundling is good... Sometimes you should unbundle. It entirely depends on the circumstances...

unbundler says, “Right now your only option is to buy ABCD, but you really just want B" ... Substack exemplifies this ...

bundler says, “Hey, right now you have to buy A, B, C, and D separately, but you’d like them all... Spotify exemplifies this... music industry ... actually on track to make more money now that they’re bundling... there is a sort of dark magic inherent in bundling ... they eliminate ... The wasted demand of all the people who want access to each newsletter a little bit, but not enough to pay the market price... the demand curve ... flatter... less deadweight loss ...

only makes sense to give people things they don’t fully want if it costs you nothing ... works for software and digital media, but not much else

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