From #EP2009 to #EP2019: a lost decade?
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It’s taken me over ten years to move from enthusiasm, through frustration into a Zen-like state where I no longer blog about EU comms. But when the Eurobloggers called, I had to answer ;)- my link in the #EU09vs19 blog chain …

Somewhat ironic that Sidewire won’t itself respond
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My sadly underwhelmed response to @sidewireinc’s gr8 “Today’s Internet is Optimized for Noise”

The Social Network is Yesterday, The Interest Feed is Tomorrow
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the value of curation combined with a second, algorithmic step: personalization. Fill a barrel with the best of the best. Now when I walk in, based on insights about my taste and what I’ve selected in the past, choose *for me* from the barrel. Wow! Thanks! - Why I Unfollowed You on Instagram — Medium

Slaves Of The Feed
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There is no shortage of content aggregators and aggregators of aggregators... give us a better overview of all the sources of information we have subscribed to and found ourselves now depending on... Constantly checking our feeds for new information, we seem to be hoping to discover something of interest, something that we can share with our ne…

Nuzzel wants to bring social curation to publishers

an app that combs through your Twitter or Facebook feeds, identifying the links being shared the most by your friends... a very efficient way to use the curation you’ve already done of your Twitter followers to curate news... what we’re not doing is semantic analysis, and scanning keywords in articles. Nor are we using human editors ... If …

why every news organization should have a river

News isn’t just a product, it’s a community... How do you start a river, from a content point of view? It’s just a list of feeds. You can add to the list, or remove from the list. You’re the curator, though you’re not just curating stories, you’re curating flows. - Dave Winer: Here’s why every news organization should have a river » Nieman …

Automatismes et aspects sémantiques - SeenThis
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Seenthis dispose de fonctionnalités lui permettant de déterminer la langue des messages... - le message global est analysé, - les paragraphes de citation à l’intérieur du billet sont analysés à part. De cette façon, je peux écrire un billet en français, contenant des extraits en anglais et en espagnol. Seenthis est capable de déterminer la…

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Du short-blogging sans limite de caractères. De la recommandation de liens. Des automatismes pour rédiger facilement vos messages. Des forums sous chaque billet. De la veille d'actualité. Une thématisation avancée. ... Seenthis propose le concept de « short-blogging » : du blogging de référencement au travers de billets dont la taille n'est pas…

Automated Multilingual Content Analysis: A New Approach to Estimating Conflict from Parliamentary Speeches Across Languages
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Something for the bloggingportal reboot, courtesy @ronpatz: "quantitative text analysis has provided useful tools to extract policy positions from text or estimate sentiment of political speech, the application of such techniques is hitherto limited to monolingual contexts. We present a possible solution to this problem by presenting a reliable…

How the Washington Post used data and natural language processing
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Good intro to WaPo's Clavis recommendation engine ... "technology that figures out what stories are about, categorizes them by topic, and assigns each a series of keywords. It runs that same process on the Post’s readers and identifies their presumed interests based on stories they’ve read. Clavis then pairs readers with stories... the Post imp…

A European Union needs European media
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"The EU Commission and Parliament probably spend hundreds of millions of euros on comms projects every year, but almost nothing on stimulating the emergence of the European Online Public Sphere..." - Posted to Story-Europe's Medium publication to give Catalyst project some content to kick DebateHub’s tyres with.

Checking out Prismatic's Interest Graph API
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"Our Analysis APIs analyze text or web pages, extracting metadata and classifying with topics (Functional Programming, Celebrity Gossip, or Hotels) and aspects (review, news, product, video). Analysis APIs can be used to label and organize content, recommend similar content or to build rich user profiles that enable personalization."

Finally decided to kick Medium’s tyres
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Finally kicked Medium’s tyres. Result: an unfair comparison between my post originally on BlogActiv with a new version on Medium. Unfair because Medium is all about the content [and] I reduced the historical blah-blah... Medium’s editor is as good as they say, import post function worked like a dream.

Google’s deal with publishers is good for journalism | Media Network | The Guardian
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"Google announced a new partnership with several publishers on Tuesday. ...The Digital News Initiative.... I’m a huge fan of this idea. Contributoria (an open journalism network) and Swarmize (a data journalism platform) wouldn’t exist today without it.

The Guardian is trying to swing Google's pendulum back to publishers

Google promised a €150 million fund to promote platform and product digital news innovation, working with eight top European publishers... Europe is the squeaky wheel that Google decided to grease, with a sum that sounds large to cash-starved news publishers but is a pittance to Mountain View. It's 0.001% of Google's $14.4 billion profit in 201…

Building a business news aggrefilter
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"Les Echos 360 is separate from our flagship site, the digital version of the French business daily Les Echos... it is an aggregation and filtering system ... the kernel from which many digital products and extensions we have in mind will spring... we need to be the very core of business information... Readers trust the content we pro…

Taboola gets $117M to build a Google Now for content
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"Taboola isn’t the only company trying ... Outbrain, Gravity ... Google and Facebook have their sights set on the same goal... Google Now... will start recommending content from specific partners like The Guardian. The Facebook newsfeed algorithm is designed to do the same." - Taboola gets $117M in funding to build a Google Now for content — Tech…

Five minutes with Timothy Garton Ash: “We’re far more European in the UK than we think we are” | British Politics and Policy at LSE
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"Q. Is it realistic to think that a European public sphere could ever be created? TGA: My view is that we should try, but we shouldn’t ever kid ourselves that this is going to be like a national public sphere. Apart from anything else, we speak different languages, which is a huge barrier. The key for me, in continuing to make the argument for …

NYT's Hive: open-source crowdsourcing tool

"With Hive, a developer can create assignments for users, define what they need to do, and keep track of their progress in helping to solve problems. " - The New York Times R&D Lab releases Hive, an open-source crowdsourcing tool » Nieman Journalism Lab

When will we get a RealClearEurope?
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"Readers spend a lot of time on RealClear's sites... because there's a seemingly endless amount of well-curated links to top publications writing about the big news stories of any given day... The result is a true smorgasbord of opinion, rather than a collection of links aimed at furthering a particular point of view... The expert level of curati…

Trove = algorithmic filters + human curators
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"Trove wants to get to the holy grail of content by combining the power of algorithmic filtering and the abilities of human curators. So Trove allows you to follow curators and their news-feeds, but also recommends articles and topics based on what it knows about you " - Slashdot founder Rob Malda on Trove and fixing the problem with Twitter — Te…

Picking the right Semantic APIs
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"These APIs will usually take text in the form of a file or URL, and ... identifies the topic of the text you submit, and/or finds “named entities” in the text.... include people, places, organizations, nations... Given that there are several APIs that offer similar services, how can we (and you) choose between them?" - Semantic APIs, what to co…

Can Longform Become A Netflix For Journalism?
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"What's fascinating about Longform isn't its success... but how it went from a fairly simple website to an ambitious world-changing platform by nothing more than user feedback. No abstract theories... Just the simple power of going iteratively from MVP to a product people want... the new Longform app allows you to follow individual writers' wor…

Google Taxes in Spain and Germany
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In Germany, "the government forced Google to pay newspaper editors if they were included in Google News... Google excluded all newspapers from Google News and asked anyone wanting to be listed to reapply explicitly declaring that they renounced to be compensated. All newspaper did reapply not wanting to miss out on the traffic it generates. Google…

Jean Pisani-Ferry wants the EU to work within its current mandate but to have the tools needed to carry it out. - Project Syndicate
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"Though the political conversation about Europe has gained in importance everywhere in recent years, the truth is that Europeans are not having the same conversation. That is a serious problem for Europe’s leaders: the electoral earthquake is big enough for them to feel compelled to respond to their citizens’ economic and political discontent; but…

Projects — Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW)
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"Triplify tackles the chicken-and-egg problem of the Semantic Web by providing a building block for the “semantification” of Web applications. Triplify provides small, light-weight plugins for database-backed Web applications and exposes semantics as RDF, Linked Data and JSON"

conTEXT -- Lightweight Text Analytics using Linked Data

experimenting with this for the bloggingportal reboot

Commented: Why blog?

"when you figure something out that's not trivial ... you're wasting it on Twitter or Facebook. ... The mission of blogging is to empower all of us to go directly to each other with our expertise. So if you know something as well as anyone else, or you learn something or know something that should be shared, then you should share it on your blog. …

Is aggrefilter a good word?
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Les Echos looks to be doing what I have long dreamed to do for the bloggingportal reboot - deploy semantic analysis to aid content discovery and to underpin a new wave of media and comment. But do we have to call it an 'aggrefilter'? "Les Echos launches its business news aggrefilter ... to gain critical working knowledge of the semantic web." …

Facebook's Paper Doesn't Scare Other News Apps
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"All of these things are using human powered context to organize and curate content in a better way. This is the rise of editors. It used to be bloggers and now it's organizing all of the activity with proper editors and direction... "

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