AI Will Eclipse Moore’s Law As A Driver of Tech Innovation.
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Q Data is a marketplace for selling and buying raw and aggregate data, and Tasko offers on-demand data collection... Many enterprises have plenty of data but don’t know how ... Latent value lurks everywhere... many startups know how to turn data into value using AI, but they’re starving for data.... Blockchain... will allow figuring out who orig…

Will Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence? - Scientific American
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every Chinese ... ”Citizen Score” will determine under what conditions they may get loans, jobs, or travel visa to other countries. ... individual monitoring would include people’s Internet surfing and the behavior of their social contacts... algorithms know pretty well what we do, what we think and how we feel—possibly even better than our friend…

Can Trump resist the power of behavioral science's dark side?
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More than two dozen governments... have a team of behavioral scientists tasked with ... “nudge” their citizens toward what they deem to be higher levels of well-being... “nudges” are value neutral... both achieve altruistic ends or more malicious ones... our environment (and the government) is always exerting some influence on our behavior, so we’…

What happens when AI, Psychology & Big Data drive politics? (Top3ics, February 19)

If there’s a single Top3ic running through the following stories, it’s probably Artificial Intelligence (AI), but I’m deeply into learning about psychology for the moment, so that’s my starting point.

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down - Motherboard
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model to assess human beings based on five personality traits, known as the "Big Five." also known as OCEAN... openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism... their needs and fears, and how they are likely to behave. ... the problem with this approach was data collection... Then came the Internet. And Facebook... on the b…

3 Ways To Remain Creative In A World Of Big Data
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Distributed intelligence means you need to find a social process, not a data-driven solution... You cannot outsource leadership to your analytics group. - Thinking Small: 3 Ways To Remain Creative In A World Of Big Data | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce

Engines of Meaning and the IoT
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"the impact of IoT won’t be the Things, it will be the way the data can be analyzed to shape downstream innovation.... data from the highway department ,,, perfectly predicted the housing boom and bust, with an approximately six month lead time." - Trawling with Engines of Meaning — Work Futures — Medium

US Big Data and Privacy Review

"On January 17, 2014, President Obama spoke at the Justice Department about changes in the technology that we use for national security purposes, and what these technologies mean for our privacy broadly. He called on the administration to conduct a broad 90-day review of big data and privacy: how these technologies affect the way we live and the w…

The 4 Layers of Big Data Everyone Must Know | SmartData Collective
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" the 4 key layers of a big data system - i.e. the different stages the data itself has to pass through on its journey from raw statistic or snippet of unstructured data (for example, social media post) to actionable insight. The whole point of a big data strategy is to develop a system which moves data along this path. In this post, I will attem…

big data platforms for citizen science
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"the International Barcode of Life (iBOL), a consortium of universities, natural history museums and research institutes, are asking people around the world to gather samples. Then, back in their labs, scientists can identify the species by sequencing a section of its DNA" - IBM and SAP open up big data platforms for citizen science | Guardian Su…

Big Data Myths Give Way To Reality In 2014 – ReadWrite
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"everyone is keen to board the Big Data bandwagon, yet a comparative few really understand why. " I don't know a huge amount about big data, but I can spot a bandwagon from a light year away, and this one is coming in at very high speed, judging by some of the stuff I'm starting to see. Expecting more entertainment in the years ahead ;)

Big Data in 2013
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"Just understanding “what is Big Data” is a challenge for a significant number of people" - ReadWrite, quoting Gartner. "Different industries have different priorities ... Industries that are driving the customer experience priority are retail, insurance, media and communications, and banking, while process efficiency is a top priority for manufa…

From task management to template process building: an idea for #bigdata application | Benchmarking e-government in web 2.0
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"I think companies such as Asana (which I love) will be the future of business consultancy. They will substitute the big consultancies leveraging big data, just like Coursera will displace traditional course providers by leveraging information on how people use training and using this information to design more effective training. Business consult…

Can Social Media Make Customers More Civilized?
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"The entwined rise of Big Data and predictive analytics virtually guarantees that — just as structured and semi-structured data are being fused — informal gossip and formal ratings systems will be collected, correlated, and converted into business rules designed to make badly-behaved customers pay more or go away." Interesting insight into an upc…

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