Masterclass time. From the Google Blog:  we’ve taken the Google logo and branding, which were originally built for a single...

Masterclass time. From the Google Blog:  we’ve taken the Google logo and branding, which were originally built for a single desktop browser page, and updated them for a world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices and different kinds of inputs (such as tap, type and talk).

What Intersections Would Look Like in a World of Driverless Cars
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"Imagining a future without lights and stop signs.... driverless cars will make intersections much more efficient. Right now, you may wind up sitting at a red light for 45 seconds even though no one is passing through the green light in the opposite direction. But you don’t have to do that in a world where traffic flows according to computer comm…

Lo-Fi Video on neuroscience research
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Not just an interesting video about what neuroscience says about self-interest and compassion (and the lack of it amongst wealthy people!). Also a good example of how to maintain interest in a 'talking head' video interview through animation and video techniques. - We Are Built To Be Kind - YouTube

Masterful animated infographic
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Kepler’s Tally of Planets is a wonderful interactive feature: "NASA’s Kepler mission has discovered more than 950 confirmed planets orbiting distant stars. Planets with a known size and orbit are shown below" - Kepler’s Tally of Planets - Interactive Feature -

"political class detached, remote, incompetent, venal, illegitimate". Neat #EP2014 explainer video from @guardian. Quote from...

“political class detached, remote, incompetent, venal, illegitimate”. Neat #EP2014 explainer video from @guardian. Quote from European elections: union left sullen by fury and frustration with political class

Voice: Easy Video Animations via iPAD
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"an app called Voice that makes producing animated videos really simple. Animated videos are any type of continuous video that uses moving shapes, graphic images or icons as part of the story. Pros generally use complex, expensive software to create these, but animation software — along with other video editing tools — is becoming more accessible.…

Physics or Chemistry?
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Nice animation about the uncertainty principle, although it’s not mentioned by name, confirmngi the theory that chemistry is what’s left when the physicists have figured everything interesting out ;)

Case study: Visual communication
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Beautiful visual online communication example from - Extra Virgin Suicide

Great HTML5 walkthrough of a complex issue

This article showing how ranked-choice voting works is a great example of using html5 to explain a complex system.

FAQ: How do I curate Stuff onto my Hub?
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Whenever you see something you want to Hub, just select some text and click the ‘bookmarklet’ button you’ve dragged onto your Browser’s toolbar.

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